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How big do you think the universe REALLY is

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Right now we can see a universe that is 93 billion light years across but this is only what we can see. The unobservable universe is likely much bigger.

According to this article the universe must be at least 23 trillion light years in diameter.


Or possibly even more. This is mind boggling that existence is so huge. It doesn’t make sense to have all this stuff if none of it can be observed. Anyways, how big do YOU think the universe is? I personally don’t believe anything is infinite and that everything has a limit so I’m guessing at 100 trillion light years in diameter. 2 more questions. 1. Will all this extra space contain trillions more galaxies and 2. When James Webb finally launches in 2 years, will this question be answered (at least partially)?



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As far as we know, it doesn't have a definable size in terms of volume area with some sort of boundary bordering it.


When scientists talk about the Universe having a diameter, they're just speaking of the distance light traveled across space-time. That is known as the observable universe.


And then there's the global universe which is concerned with the following questions:


Is it finite or infinite?


Is it flat (no curvature), open (negative curvature), or closed (positive curvature)?


What is its connectivity (how the universe is put together), i.e., simply connected space or multiply connected?



As you can see, it's way more complicated than it seems.

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