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Biorobotics and artifitial glands for robots

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The goal of biorobotics is to make robots that emulate living organisms mechanically and chemically.


Will biorobotcs someday allow the creation of robots that could produce chemical things and substances like:




-Gastric acid for a digestive system;

-Moist vagina for female robots;


-Tears for strong emotions;


Along with other substances. Do you think that robots will evolve enough to emulate organisms in the chemical side?


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Robots dont just evolve, they're made by humans, and most of the things you listed have no practical purpose for the majority of humans.


So I don't think any of those things would be implemented for a long time. 


If sex robots take off, you'd get fake body fluids etc. as needed, but they'll be replaced by buying a bottle and filling up some internal storage in the robot though, the robot won't create it's own fluids it would make the robot 50x more expensive for something that made no practical difference and reduced ongoing/maintenance revenue for robot manufacturers. 


No one will build a hormonal or digestive system into a humanoid robot (as anything other than a stunt/art project). If it does turn out that organic efficiency beats mechanical then you might get biotech robots which mimic some aspects of living beings, but in the best case scenario you'd get a "digesting machine" that processes food into some sort of energy dense substance like glucose, and then your robot will refuel at the digestion machine, while dropping off whatever waste produces it produces. 


Also It would be way easier to just take/grow a human and replace their brain with a computer than to build some sort of biological robot from scratch. 


If you prevent their brain from developing in the first place its even technically ethical!

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