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Scientists ‘reverse time’ with quantum computer in breakthrough study

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Scientists ‘reverse time’ with quantum computer in breakthrough study



'We have artificially created a state that evolves in a direction opposite to that of the thermodynamic arrow of time,' researcher says


Scientists have reversed the direction of time with a quantum computer, in a breakthrough study that seems to contradict the basic laws of physics.

In a development that also represents a major advance in our understanding of quantum computers, by using electrons and the strange world of quantum mechanics, researchers were able to turn back time in an experiment that is the equivalent of causing a broken rack of pool balls to go back into place.

Anyone watching the computer would see the event as if time had turned backwards backwards.

The researchers – from from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and helped by colleagues in Switzerland and the US – expect the technique to improve in time, becoming more reliable and precise with time.



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So, not really time reversal then? Just another clickbait headline from the Independent.


It's been clear for a while now that they're increasingly desperate for more clicks, as evidenced by their constantly ramming a mass of auto-playing video adverts down our throats, alongside stories like this.


Interesting breakthrough, but... God damn these article titles sometimes.

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They clearly did something interesting, but with these stupid headlines, it's impossible to tell what.

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Yuli Ban

Yuli Ban

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They achieved auto error correction in quantum computers by causing a quantum state to revert to an earlier state.


Thar ya geaux.

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And remember my friend, future events such as these will affect you in the future.

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