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Has anyone read Superforce by Paul Davies and hyperspace by michio kaku ?

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Apple Orange Juice

Apple Orange Juice


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What's their premise ?

Paul Davies states

"Planck energy. all four forces of nature would be
completely merged into a single superforce, and all ten dimensions of
space would exist on an equal footing. If we could concentrate enough
energy to take us up to the Planck scale, the full dimensionality of space
would be exposed in all its splendour.
Letting imagination have free rein, it is possible to envisage mankind
one day gaining control over the superforce. To achieve this would enable us to manipulate the greatest power in the universe, for the superforce is
ultimately responsible for generating all forces and all physical structures.
It is the fountain-head of all existence. With the superforce unleashed, we
could change the structure of space and time, tie our own knots in
nothingness, and build maner to order. Controlling the superforce would
enable us to construct and transmute particles at will, thus generating
exotic fonns ofmaner. We might even be able to manipulate the dimen-
sionality of space itself, creating bizarre artificial worlds with unimaginable
properties. Truly we should be lords of the universe."

What would Manipulating the structure of space and time enable us to do ? Could we really because a omega type zero minus civilization that can change reality/physics etc



    Stable Genius

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Sounds like quackery to me. There's no such thing as changing the laws of physics, because if it were possible, then there would by definition be a law of physics permitting it.

Apple Orange Juice

Apple Orange Juice


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Paul Davies and Michio Kaku are well known physicists though

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