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The Singularity - Official Thread

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Will singularity happen ??




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Probably. Just thinking about it logically, humans create tools, and we use those tools to make better tools. The tools we get are more advanced and complex each time. This trend has always been true. There is no real reason to think that it will not continue, and if it does eventually we will get to the point where we are making some crazy stuff. The most well known example of course, is that eventually we will have computers programming themselves to be better at programming themselves, which will make them crazy smart, crazy fast.


I think the more interesting question is when will it happen, and what will it look like.

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Thanks it is such an interesting topic




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Will singularity happen ??


It probably happened already. I think we're in some kind of ancestor simulation. It's just too much of a coincidence to be alive at such a pivotal point in history.


I mean, when I die of old age (presumably around 2055-2065), that's pretty much the exact point when I can foresee this 'Singularity' taking off. A decade or two after Kurzweil's prediction date of 2045. Presumably that's when the 'game' ends, I get revived (alongside thorough techniques to reduce the psychological shock), and discover it's actually centuries or millennia hence. I was in some kind of simulation/game all along, created by the hyper-advanced AI of the far future. Perhaps the game was even created by myself or some combination of me and the AI.


Then I get to 'play' again – because I'm immortal and in digital form – so I can be downloaded into a new body (with previous memories erased), to try a new 'life' all over again –Quantum Leap-style. Perhaps this could happen billions of times, until I've experienced literally every life there ever was on Earth, back in the distant past. I only become aware of the 'real' date and the 'real' reality when a death happens, at the end of each 'life', and my memories are restored when I temporarily pop back into the simulation room.


Then again... maybe the world I see around me is base reality, and it's just a staggering coincidence that I live during what feels like the cusp of a new era in Earth's history.


Either way, the mid-21st century will be profoundly exciting.

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wjfox ,

If your memory of your mind changing as you grow up is implanted , how do you know now is not an implanted memory ? If you did grow , then an adult you isn't incarnated at death. If that was part of the simulation , then all the rest of the universe with its space-time is , and we call it physics.



just too much of a coincidence to be alive at such a pivotal point in history.


staggering coincidence that I live during what feels like the cusp of a new era in Earth's history.

Coincidence of what with what ?


Does living in a pivotal point in history require something more ?

Yuli Ban

Yuli Ban

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It's possible we're in a simulation because of how closely we were born to the supposed Singularity. 


Of course, consider also the fact that more humans are alive now than at any other point in history. Roughly 8 billion today. A little over 100 billion humans are said to have lived in all of history. We had a roughly 1 in 13 chance of existing now, a higher chance than at any other point in history as well. If, as this article proclaims, technological and economic growth historically follow population growth, then even an ancient Sumerian could have predicted that you'd have a higher chance of existing if you were born closer to the Singularity. 

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And remember my friend, future events such as these will affect you in the future.

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