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Perpetual motion machines

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Most people say that perpetual motion machines are impossible because it would violate the laws of thermodynamics but what if someday technology become so advanced that we could break or even rewrite the laws of physics?


I think that perpetual motion machines could be possible using exotic matter with negative mass. What do you think? Could it produce infinite energy forever by just being turned on without any energy input and supply?



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It Would definitely not be possible using any physics we currently understand. 


it is theoretically possible that someday as we learn and understand more about how physics works we may discover a loophole or specific situation where something like perpetual motion could be achieved.


However it would probably just be a curiosity, even if you could make a perpetual motion machine, you'd need exotic matter (like you suggested) or extreme physical forces involved to do so, like a back hole or something. (We already have a pretty good understanding of conventional earth type physics and it looks impossible so far).


So it would probably  be easier/cheaper to just fuse some hydrogen for energy purposes. 

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