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Electric cars will destroy some jobs

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They require fewer human workers to manufacture: 



Among the key concerns is that electric cars don’t need engines and transmissions with thousands of metal parts that need to be assembled. Where an internal combustion engine has 2,000 to 3,000 metal parts, an electric drivetrain has 150 to 250 parts. And the batteries that power it are produced through far different processes that are easy to hand over to robots.

The Frauenhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering in Stuttgart estimates that 23,000 to 97,000 German jobs could go missing in power train production by 2030.



And because they have fewer components, there are fewer things that can break or require periodic servicing, which means fewer human workers will be needed to maintain and fix electric cars:



Gas-powered automobiles require replacing parts that go bad over time. Electric vehicles are different because they do not need as many components to operate. For instance, electric motors only have one moving part while engines in traditional automobiles contain dozens.

Items that do not need to be replaced in electric vehicles include oil, fan belts, air filters, timing belts, head gaskets, cylinder heads and spark plugs. Thus, keeping an electric car running costs less when compared to conventional automobiles.
In addition, regenerative braking could extend the life of brakes on electric cars. Since an electric motor is able to slow itself down, the use of brake pedals is reduced and brake pads and rotors last longer. Electric motors are also more efficient because they do not generate and waste as much heat as combustion engines that need tiny controlled explosions to operate.
However, not all car maintenance is eliminated with electric vehicles. Some required upkeep includes replacing windshield wipers, suspension and tire rotation. But routine maintenance will occur less frequently, meaning not as much time and money would be spent on sustainment.


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