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Samsung unveils "rollable" smartphone and wall-sized 8K TV

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Based on the illustrations in the patent filing (which you can see more of here), Samsung’s rollable phone concept takes advantage of flexible display technology to create a device at first looks like a traditional smartphone but has a screen that can be extended using sliding mechanism by at least 60 percent.





The Samsung Wall Luxury measures just 30mm thick – but spans an incredible 292 inches from corner to corner.

In fact, it's named "Wall" because it's effectively supposed to replace a large chunk of your wall, turning it into a telly.
Samsung said it created the mega-telly based on "research into the lifestyles" of the super-rich.
..."The Wall is designed to never turn off and can change into a digital canvas best matching the owner's interior needs and mood," Samsung explained.
That's why Samsung has included an Ambient Mode for when the TV screen is not in use.
This will display a variety of "curated art", including paintings, photographs and video art, as well as customisable pictures with digital frames.



This fits neatly with my prediction that wall-sized TVs of at least 8K resolution will be common in middle-class households starting in the 2030s. They could also replace light fixtures by just displaying white, glowing screens, and could also be used to make "virtual reality chambers." 


I think it would be cool to have the walls of my house's primary rooms covered in screen wallpaper and studded with small audio speakers so I could play full surround video footage from interesting places, like a Paris cafe, Chinese night market, cozy comedy club, or a nice beach. It would be great ambient noise and footage that you could have in the background while doing chores, reading, or whatever else in your house. 

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