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Limiting [country] watch threads?

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In my opinion there's way too many "[insert country here] watch" threads. To me it feels like excessive nitpicking and leads to way too many threads.


Maybe instead of by-country threads we could do by-continent threads? The "Australia and Oceania Watch" thread being an existing example.

Yuli Ban

Yuli Ban

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I'm already in support of this. My intention for months now was to create ten mega threads:


  1. North America Watch Thread (includes Greenland; excludes Central America)
  2. Central America Watch Thread (Mexico to Panama; includes Caribbean)
  3. South America Watch Thread
  4. West Europe Watch Thread (Ireland & Portugal all the way to Germany & Italy)
  5. East Europe Watch Thread (Poland & Czechia all the way to the Balkans and West Russia; excludes Turkey)
  6. Middle East Watch Thread (Turkey & Israel to the Stans; excludes India & Pakistan)
  7. South Asia Watch Thread (From Pakistan to Indonesia; excludes Papua New Guinea)
  8. East Asia Watch Thread (From China & East Russia to Japan)
  9. Africa Watch Thread (already exists)
  10. Australia & Oceania Watch Thread (already exists; includes Papua New Guinea)

I'd rather it not be too vague— political events in Western Europe tend to follow a different trend from those in Eastern Europe, for example. 

The Russia Watch Thread can be fused into the Eastern Europe Watch Thread since most of the posts and discussions there involve the European part of Russia; events in eastern Russia (Siberia, for example) can go in the East Asian Watch Thread. 


And, of course, threads involving specific national events (e.g. Brexit; Greek debt crisis; Ukraine war; Trump presidency; any new incident or flashpoint) can remain their own separate threads. For example, current events surrounding Iran go in the Middle East Watch Thread, but a geopolitical crisis that has the chance to erupt into a war (a theoretical "Iran Crisis Thread" we may soon need) becomes its own dedicated thread.


All it needs now is approval.

And remember my friend, future events such as these will affect you in the future.




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I'd also rather split the current events sub-forum into two. One focused on science, tech, sports and misc; while the other can be used for international and domestic politics.

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Sounds like a good idea. You've given it more thought than I have at least. :p

I'd also rather split the current events sub-forum into two. One focused on science, tech, sports and misc; while the other can be used for international and domestic politics.

That's an interesting possibility, but Yuli's idea seems a bit more tenable to me.




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I think some of the bigger/more influential countries deserve their own separate threads (i.e. USA, China, Japan, Russia, India).


And perhaps as North Korea is kind of special and unique, we should keep that separate too.


Also, maybe I'm being biased, but I kind of like having a UK Watch thread. ;) So please keep that one. A large percentage of our traffic and visitors are Brits, so I think it would make sense anyway.


But I'm okay with merging the dozens of smaller threads together into regional blocks. Perhaps – rather than merging them – we could simply close each thread, but the final post could leave a link to the brand new combined/regional thread. Otherwise, it could mess up the flow of discussions in those original threads (if people ever read them again).

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