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What would be the “fifteenth” goal in science for humanity?

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Here are the 14 biggest goals in highly advanced science. These are the things that humanity is striving to achieve by my estimate. Everything else is just pomp and circumstance

1. Faster than light travel

2. Teleportation

3. Time travel

4. Immortality

5. Advanced nanotech and perhaps smaller

6. Creation of a pocket or basement universe

7. True sentient AI

8. Cure for all disease

9. Reversal of entropy

10. Complete melding of mind and computer

11. Artificial designer life forms.

12. Completely “real” simulated reality

13. Probability engineering

14. Intelligence augmentation

I feel like I’m missing something. Do you have an idea for what could be Number 15 so I can say I have “15 goals of humanity”? It’s not the creation of a brand new universe. I thought about that but that would defeat the purpose of mastering the current universe. I also think creating a universe as big as ours is impossible. Meeting E.T. is trivial and not necessary for humanity. It could actually destroy humanity. I listed Time travel but freezing time would not be possible. Resurrecting the dead is impossible as I truly believe that the soul exists as does God and the afterlife.



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15. Chips that don't break while dipping
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