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Diet and exercise discussion

food exercise fitness health

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okay, keto isn't that big a deal different from how I would tend to eat anyway. I was eating about 70% fat, 25% Protein, 5% carbs mainly from vegetables. majority of days were near 0% carbs, be less than 5 grams and largely gained from any carbs in meat, eggs, and herbs used to flavor them.


I kept to my 2000 calories intake. wasn't really hungry at any point. but didn't really love the food over much either. It didn't upset my system as much I thought it might, though I did have some rough days, nothing too far outside of normal for me.


I cut back exercise to levels that I was doing while eating the high carb diet to give each it's fair shakes. I've neither gained or lost weight, and I do notice any strength or muscle size variation.


The biggest thing of note for me has been my mood. the Fuse on ALL my moods is Waaay shorter. Little things that are no big deal piss me right off and it last most of the day, when I'm excited I'm near manic, lost a couple days to depression where I stayed in bed. Fun was more fun, stress was more stressful.


I can't help but wonder if this is something that's messing up american minds. High carb made me ADHD, and High fat made me moody and volatile. If this is how everybody feels all the time... no thank you. The emotional intensity was too much for me.


But the diet is over.


I'm now onto my regular eating diet, and starting fast twitch muscle training. Looking at mainly sprinting starts, vertical jump, distance jump, side jump, and throwing exercises for hieght and distances. Looking for improvements in distance, and/or reps.


I can get back to my other exercises again too, now that calories are no object, at least until November 1st when I go high protein and the end of november will be the start of weight based training.

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