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Somebody explain reddit to me

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I've been told that, with all my projects I do, I should be using reddit. I've looked at it but frankly I don't quite grasp how and why I should be using it. I've even created accounts in the past and quickly stopped bothering.


It seems like half of it is an unindexed forum where millions of people post questions or memes into the void with no bother to ever look at any of it again. and the other half feels a bit like the septic tank that is Youtube comments sections.


what exactly is the use case and value asset of this gibbering madhouse run by inmates?

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Reddit is good for a sheer staggering amount of views - and that's about it. It's an incredibly popular platform and if you know how to post you will get a lot of attention. All depending on what communities you post to, how you title it and when you do.

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It's also very light-weight and easy to use; forums are easy to set up.  Probably the platform will be around a very long time, which is another reason to use it -- it's not going to fold next year (or even 5 years from now) and go bankrupt, requiring you backup all your posts.


One final thing:  it was cofounded by Aaron Swartz:




and carries some of his "DNA".  You may recall he killed himself after being hounded by federal prosecutors for trying to make scientific publications free to the world.

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For me, the biggest advantage to using reddit is the discussion, hands down. The discussion is almost always much more interesting and interactive than other forms of social media, even on popular subreddits. I've used twitter, youtube, facebook, forums, imageboards-- and reddit provides the best medium for discussion today when you do find your subreddits.


Also, it will swallow all messageboards to come, so seek refuge while you can.

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Outlook's secret song of the ~week: https://youtu.be/DGe_Sluth3A



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Also, it will swallow all messageboards to come, so seek refuge while you can.


The thing I fear the most. I like reddit, but the evil of the site is that it aggregates everything and killing the decentralized nature of the internet. All social media is like this though, corporate net is coming. 




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Reddit is awesome and fully deserving of its tagline as "the front page of the Internet". A great place to find quality content, or to discuss literally anything under the sun.


Some of my favourite and most visited subs:



r/AskReddit – I always read this on my train journeys home after a long day at work. Often has really weird, unique and/or interesting discussions


r/CatastrophicFailure – this can be a little disturbing and NSFL, but contains really interesting and dramatic footage of accidents


r/CozyPlaces – pictures of small, warm, calming places


r/Futurology – best place for all the latest tech, although it seems a little obsessed with climate/environment issues




r/HybridAnimals – hilarious pics of animals "combined" with other animals in Photoshop


r/introvert – a great place to relate to other introverts (although I think I'm more of an ambivert, these days)


r/LateStageCapitalism – if you ever want to rant against capitalism, this is the place for you


r/london – a sub for my home town. I'm sure Reddit has other subs for just about every city and country on earth


r/MediaSynthesis – a great sub, created by Yuli, covering the latest advancements in AI-generated and manipulated content


r/MovieDetails –  very interesting observations of little details you might have missed in movies


r/nottheonion – real-life news stories that are so absurd or bizarre, they could be mistaken for satire


r/politics – political news and discussions


r/science – all the latest science, often discussed by experts/professors whose comments get upvoted to the top, so it's really interesting to get their perspective on developments


r/technology – ditto, but for technology


r/thalassophobia – creepy/dark pictures of underwater scenes, both real and imaginary


r/TheDepthsBelow – very similar to r/thalassophobia, but with more focus on the real world, sea life, etc.


r/TrueReddit – a really high-quality sub with intelligent, mature discussions about news and social issues. No clickbait here.


r/unitedkingdom – the place I go to rant about Brexit and everything else UK-related


r/WeatherGifs – self-explanatory


r/Whatcouldgowrong – hilarious, but also quite disturbing videos of people doing stupid things


r/worldnews – similar to r/politics, but with more "general" news




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You know how like... when a crazy guy loves a crazy lady, and their child is also crazy?


It's like that, basically. :p


/Joke post, don't take it seriously, or at least not too seriously.




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Here's one of many small corners of Reddit worth checking out:


What the fuck is all this?
On April 21, 2016, /u/_9MOTHER9HORSE9EYES9 began posting comments in random threads all across Reddit, discussing so-called "flesh interfaces." When read in order, they began to form a cohesive and surreal story. As time went on, comments began to expand in length, discussing many different plotlines, from a World War II concentration camp to a future Atlanta, each spanning space and time. It has many elements of the works of Lovecraft and Cronenberg, with a general sci-fi flair.

...only comments?
Well, no. They occasionally make self posts, and once in an online site via a journalist at Motherboard.Vice. Comments are more common, however.

How often do they post?
There is no set schedule, but MHE usually updates once per day.

Who's the author? Are you guys writing this story?
The identity of MHE is currently unknown. And no, we are not the authors. The moderators have nothing to do with the story, and do not take credit for it. We're just fans of the story.

---> Exception - /u/GabbiKat who works with MHE on ideas/plots/edits/characters. <--

Alright, how can I read this thing?
You need to start at Narrative Part One. It has all of MHE's posts in chronological order, with lots of external links in case you're curious about something mentioned. It runs to Post 96.

Then move on to Narrative Part Two which picks up at Post 97.

If you want to read it on a e-book reader you can go HERE. It's maintained by MOD u/cryzed-, and they do an incredible job. I think you will really appreciate all the hard work performed for your enjoyment.

Okay, I've read all of that. Now what?
Feel free to stick around here and discuss! It's always nice to see new people around. There's also plenty of ongoing fan art and projects, such as the audiobook version by /u/enola-gay. Auditions are also open for the radio play overseen by /u/_Aeternix_.

Great things are happening and we'd love for you to join in! So keep your eyes open for contests, anthology stories, and videos!

I remember right as this was becoming a major meme on Twitter in the communities I follow, so I decided to read it -- it was REALLY GOOD.

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