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Will we ever have ringworlds? How would we build them and what technologies would be necessary to create them?







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Your best bet is robots, together with a low-g source of raw materials (log-g, because you don't need as much fuel to move them) -- for example, from the moon.

You'd need advances in AI for that. Eventually, it will be possible to build a fleet of constructor-bots that can gather together the raw materials to make a ringworld; and then can combine them in just the right way to build the outer ring. Maybe a few centimeters of graphene, followed some other hard -- but not has hard as graphene -- and abundant material. After the supports are made, anther set of robots could work on building the buildings and other structures. Water and a biosphere could be added.




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the mathmatics suggest no known material is strong enough to support a ring spinning enough to hold the air in an open topped ring. and the building of the side walls to keep the air in would also be an engineering miracle to achieve. And then there would be issues of a magnetic field that sheilds us from radiation and is generated by the earths core. 



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