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What technologies will make the wheel obsolete in the future?

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I would love to see a technology that exist for many millenia disappear in the future and one of the best candidates is the wheel.I think that levitating and hovering technologies will make the wheel obsolete in the far future but what will be these technologies?


I think the first candidate to make wheel a thing of past will be the room temperature superconductors. They could make hovering cars a reality as there are trains that float little above the ground with Maglev technology. If superconductors were at room temperature they could be everywhere. Everything that needs wheels and supports to move around would no longer need them and would hover and float around through electromagnetic currents and fields.


The other technology could be electromagnetic propulsion/repulsion . They could enable flying cars that wouldn't have wheels and flying/floating objects that would use electromagnetic fields and waves to float or hover above the ground. This makes sense since electromagnetism is much stronger than gravity.


The other technology that might become possible in the far future is antigravity. However most people think that antigravity is impossible and will never become reality.(But that is an issue for another thread). Antigravity could make things float and fly magically as if they weren't being attracted by Earth's gravity.




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I don't think the wheel will become obsolete, since it is pretty cheap. Any sort of hovering thing requires energy, so sticking a wheel and just pushing makes a lot of sense, especially for smaller thing. Though if we had unlimited energy, then it might really disappear. A good example might be that even though we have motorized bikes, people still use bicycles. Generally man power for very small things is pretty economical. Plus there is a lot less complex parts that can break when you don't have a motor.


Though for bigger stuff, it makes more sense. If you think about the more modern our trains become the more we switch to maglev trains that use magnet rather than wheels. So in a way, what you are talking about is already happening in that sector. So I don't think you are wrong, a lot of this sort of thing is probably going to happen. It is hard to say if the wheel will ever become entirely obsolete though.



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I would say it would be the ubiquitous implementation of the room-temperature superconductor that be the final nail on the coffin for the the wheel.

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Wheels will still be used all over the place (especially inside stuff), they're too useful and cheap. 


Imagine the cost difference between a wheelable suitcase and a hover suitcase, assuming you're mstly moving over paved ground (like inside an airport)  theres no functional difference between the two. (except for the expense!)


If we get to total post scarcity where economic cost is effectively irrelevant, people will still use wheels, even if only to be different from the mainstream who don't, because cost is irrelevant so aesthetics, taste, style etc. will define value for people. 




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I don't think it'll ever become obsolete. It may come out of style, but wheels will always be useful. Even in wilderness areas a well. Are we going to bury room temperature superconductors over every inch of the planets surface? The only thing I could see making it truly obsolete is antigravity in a post-scarcity world. The energy required to operate it is so unimportant that the wheel doesn't matter.


But It's like fire becoming obsolete. Yea we have ovens and electric stoves and microwaves now, but damn I still enjoy a good old fashioned BBQ. Also even though we have electric heaters, there's nothing like enjoying a bonfire with friends.

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