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Which of these methods of propulsion is “best” for spaceflight?

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Which of these hypothetical propulsion methods is the best for a spacecraft during Interplanetary flight? Some are theoretical and you can decide if they could work on not.
Consider the
•Safety of the engine

•The speed

•The efficiency

1.) Monoatomic hydrogen propulsion

2.) Metastable Helium propulsion

3.) Nitrogen-20 propulsion

4.) Thermonuclear micro-bomb propulsion

5.) Dipole drive https://www.nextbigf...pole-drive.html

6.) Electrokinetic thruster


7.) Nuclear lightbulb

8.) Nuclear salt-water Rocket


9.) Solar thermal rocket

10.) Ion drive

11.) Bias drive



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For interplanetary travel you'd probably want something like solar thermal for the inner planets, and a low-mass fuel kind of propulsion for the outer planets like nuclear or ion drives. Mostly though since this is technology we already have and know how to use.


Reading into it more, I've learned that there are different kinds of fuel you'd use for different instances. Things like escaping a gravity well would need something more than an ion drive.
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imo anything that modifies spacetime is automatically the best choice. power the bias drive with a hawking's knot and you can travel anywhere you'd like.

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