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Would VR cause human extinction?

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If we have full dive VR would there still be people living in real life apart from poeple who maintain the VR equipment ? I am referring to VR brain implants/BCIs not VR headsets, googles, etc? I am asking hypothetically since i know that full dive VR is still a while away

If you were to give a rough estimate what percentage of people would stay in the real world instead of using these devices? 10 Percent maybe

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Full immersion VR will not cause human extinction. It will never cause human extinction. Fears that it might are exaggerated for memes. - Yuli Ban saying humanity's famous last words before the FIVR Dark Age, 2019

In all seriousness, the fear that fully immersive VR will cause a total collapse in birthrates is the equivalent of those saying that designer babies will cause a speciated class divide between superior Aryan rulers and inferior normie grunt workers. By the time that technology is even feasible, many other technologies will have matured alongside it that will entirely negate its effects or cause entirely perpendicular effects. A lot of the technologies that are required to make it possible necessitate other technologies that will help negate the negative effects.


Right off the bat: if we can use full-dive VR, we will also likely be capable of growing humans in vats sans any parents. So it doesn't matter if literally every person on Earth was hooked up if the machines kept breeding more of us. I'm not entirely sure why they'd breed more humans to live on Earth and use up resources when even growing human brains for added computational power might be too wasteful in that time, but I can't claim to understand what future superintelligences will do.


Fully immersive VR might take off like smartphones; we could go from a 0% or 2% saturation in the market circa 2039 to a 70% saturation in 2049. It might also be seen as "too far" for some if there isn't ample societal lubing for the thought of putting machines in your brain to control your senses just for your own pleasure. 

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And remember my friend, future events such as these will affect you in the future.



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^Adding on from that train of thought, unless there's an extremely convenient way to get into FIVR, for most people it's probably going to be a thing to try once or twice every so often like VR is currently now. It'll probably only be life for a subculture of people, but it wont translate into life for all people.
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Is FIVR like lucid dreams ?


In vr you can open a window to real world input and act in the real world , why not with FIVR ?




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Advanced VR will not cause human extinction, nor will 100% of humans ever spend most of their time in VR. 


The human drive to reproduce is very strong, and for most people, can't be sated by having "virtual kids" in a VR environment--we want flesh and blood heirs. Because of that, humans will continue having children in the real world for as long as our species exists. 


Radical life extension and medical immortality will also be achieved in the distant future, and will preserve the human population indefinitely. Circa 2150, there will be people who could theoretically spend the next billion years in VR if they wanted to. 


Also, no matter how advanced VR gets, there will always be some number of humans who prefer to live in the real world, or to at least split time between the real and virtual world. Look at Amish people today, technophobes, and old people who refuse to buy cell phones. 




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Don’t forget about plastic surgery, cliques, ease and availability, people influencing each other, jealousy, social media, etc.

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