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It’ll be between a Libertarian and a Democrat; cyborg-like surgeries

future drugs future Democrats future Libertarians cyborg Phineas Gage heroin future economy sexual revolution political revolution future prediction

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Eventually we won’t be Democrats and Republicans, we’ll be Democrats and Libertarians. People who care about rights, the freedom to put whatever drugs you want into your body as long as you don’t drive high, and states’ rights (including present Republicans) will eventually vote for the Libertarian candidate if it ends up being between a Libertarian and a Democrat. There are a lot of people who believe in the death penalty, the right to bear arms, and conservative spending.

Regarding cyborg-like surgeries—if they researched Phineas Gage-like brain surgeries and got it so multiple brains could be implanted into a normal-sized body, cyborg augmentations or not, a lot of money could be saved and the cost of living would go down. Multiple people could take turns working and driving, and the rest could be on heroin all day long relaxing. We currently have a working antidote for heroin, that’s why I mentioned that drug, though a lot of different drugs, legal or not, could be used. People who smoke crack would more easily be able to share the cost of the drugs, and panhandling for change could more easily pay for one’s living expenses. The entire economy could be restructured and overpopulation could cease to become an issue. Hopefully they’re working on antidotes for crack cocaine overdoses, but I bet a lot of people would switch to or add heroin if it were legal (that would be great if they made it legal as long as you had the antidote. Aren’t we trying to prevent deaths, not restrict freedoms?), especially if the cost was next to nothing because it would be shared amongst a lot of people. Of course there would be a sexual revolution and a political revolution, so a lot of people would be against it for their own reasons, but we could end up saving the economy and making the U.S. a prime tourist destination if we were able to share bodies safely and securely. Society would also be different; those who were the best looking would be paid for their services, old people would use young people, cliques would demand absolute loyalty, open marriages would be more common, entire families could use a parent’s body and work/live on the cheap, etc. Hopefully they’re working on artificial wombs too, because it would be nice to live in a world without abortion. Ok that’s all, thanks for listening.

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