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What are your fantasys for when you live in VR SFW

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Future historian

Future historian


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I've been meaning to write a book for myself outlining my life in VR.

The basics are I start 6 months before I turn 18 in a exact replica of our world or as close to our world as possible.

18 is when I really start molding my life I start 6 months before so I get some time to start moving my lifes direction.

Most likey this means convincing my parents to send me to a school which will cure my non verbal learning disorder in the game this school exists and it will cure my minor disability over the year at the expense of less typical school learning.

The other change from the real world is that I start with 100000 USD debt with no interest. I also have a magic power where I earn $0.41 cents a day (150 divided by 365) and each day I earn slightly more (so each year I earn 30% more.) this growth in money is realistic for the worlds best business owners and investors. I get it and it grows exponentially for ever so I get to experience going from extreme poverty to being the worlds richest man.

3% of this exponential income and 100% of any other incomes such as job or people giving me money for birthdays or anything goes towards paying down debt.

(I don't get taxed in the game the exponential money can be imagined as after taxed Income)

The singularity does not occur in this VR universe unless I make it occur by investing in Ai so I have time to grow from poverty to wealth.

Once I have more money then the world's gdp I am allowed to spend a lump some equal to the world's gdp to buy a cheat where I can change the game in any way I like.

In the game the whole world adopts the USD every country grows at 3% (my interference in the economy gets added tho) inequality remains high every country adopts capitalism and inflation stays between 1-2%.

For a trillion dollars I am allowed to purchase a special passport from the UN which allows me to become a citizen of any country I reside in.

The way the exponential income functions where I will earn 30% more then 150 by the end of the first year broken down across days. Means that I really will experience poverty and then middle class wealth for some time before becoming the world's richest person. It will take 20 years before my exponential income reaches the middle class amount of $56000 a year.

Also note I gain business, investment and money making ability/knowledge to meet the level I am making from the exponential income so I seem congruent to others.

Also I can't be kidnapped or killed by someone angry at my wealth unless I chose to uncheck this.

I can obviously leave the game at any time.



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Probably an aneurysm to rid me of this pestilent existence.

In seriousness, if I didn't have to worry about my basic necessities, I'd probably just chill in aesthetic mindscapes enjoying true isolation and thought in dialogue with a clone of myself, and try to devote myself to the pursuit of knowledge. I pretty much do that now, but true isolation is hard to achieve in reality since you have to deal with boring things like food, shelter, relations, and water and the society that gives this to you. As well as entertainment, and all the stupid addictive extra stuff that isn't cool.

I think other forms of VR use is just self indulgent and escapist, and doesn't feel right or useful. But alas, I'd probably do them all too since I'm pretty self-indulgent and escapist.
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I just wish vr physics can accurately simulate rl physics so I can dive deeper, inception-style. living millions of lives in a fraction of a second, enjoying every moment I could ever dream of, only to forget them all in an instant, is the ultimate vr fantasy

As you can see, I'm a huge nerd who'd rather write about how we can become a Type V civilization instead of study for my final exams (gotta fix that).

But to put an end to this topic, might I say that the one and only greatest future achievement of humankind is when it finally becomes posthumankind.

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