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Will we be able to resurrect our deceased loved ones close relatives friends from the dead with cloning or digital AI technology?

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I know we have like decades and centuries before this even happens but I was just curious how far are we from being able to see our loved ones mom, dad, grandma or any other family members and best friends we have lost in the past and possibly see them again one day? 2040? 2050? 2060? 2070-2080?




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I think the cloning thing is the easiest, however is a clone of a person really that person? Unless we have an intact brain, then they are not going to have any memories or anything. So while we certainly could clone dead people, they are only going to sort of be like those people. There is also legal and ethical concerns that may pop up from this. I suspect that are not going to want people to clone dead relatives, so even when the technology is possible, it may be delayed some time due to that. I think if you had a lot of money and were really motivated to clone a person you could almost do that today, or at the least within a few years. I think the technology is about there already. However, like I said they wouldn't have any of the memories.


I think that is the big problem here, is that it is unlikely you can resurrect anyone without their brain. Without a brain, or a record of their brain what can you really do? So we may be able to resurrect people in the future, but only if they die in the future and we save a copy of their brain in some way. If we are talking about people already dead, and they didn't use cryonics or something, it might be impossible.


Though there is at least one theoretical way I know of in which we may be able to resurrect a person without a brain but it involves something that might not exist. There has been some theories about the universe being a simulation of some time. I don't think this is likely but it is at least theoretically possible that the universe could  be a very advance simulation. If the universe was a simulation, then it would at least be possible that the data from the simulation is stored some where. If that was the case, then it could be possible to access the stored data from the simulation that doesn't exist within the simulation. In other words access the saved data of the dead person's brain. It is also possible that we could create a computer so advanced that we ourselves could simulate the entire universe. In fact, if we could just simulate everything that happened within our solar system, down to the atomic level, then that might be enough. If we did that, we could run the simulation and it could simulate the data of the person's brain even after they had died. That would take an insanely powerful computer but it is possible.


Any way, to answer your question, I think it is very unlikely we will be able to truly resurrect someone(with their memories and stuff) who hasn't been properly preserved. However, there is a very slim hope that it might be possible but it would take crazy advance technology that we can only speculate about. Definitely the odds greatly improve if you save their brains in some manner.

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