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Kemotx's News Articles From The Future

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In this thread, I will post fictional news articles from my own vision of the future. Feel free to comment on them! Keep in mind that in order for it to be as realistic as possible, some of the articles (Mostly those designed to look like as if they were written by some hate/fringe groups and such) do contain offensive content. (Which I obviously do not approve). Here's some additional info:


- All of the news articles take place in a single universe.

- No articles will contain images or Youtube links, just text.

- Not all articles will follow the same form, and the writing quality will vary between the fictional authors.

- Pay attention to small Easter eggs!

- The articles will span from 2022 to 2101.


This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.



And now the story begins...



 WHO DECLARES THE PANDEMIC OVER - After 316 million deaths, untold economic damage, revolutions and two gloomy years of fear. But...at least it's over, right?


Written by Melvin Harris on 18:51 GMT June 30th, 2022. - Lunarcoast News


I still remember the day WHO declared the Coronavirus outbreak a pandemic. More than two years ago. March 11, for those of you who do not remember. Before that day, you could find articles dismissing the threat of the Coronavirus. People were saying that flu kills more people - even the President! People were making memes back in January. Both real and fictional characters in Hazmat suits. Some people were already saying this would be a horrible year, but that was also due to the assassination of  Qasem Soleimani and the (thankfully averted) risk of war with Iran. If I recall correctly, I first heard about the virus on January 24th. Back then it was "only" about a thousand people, almost entirely in China.


In February, people mostly were saying, "Flu kills more people". We were inventing names for the virus, like "Winnie The Flu".


Meanwhile, the virus was infecting more and more people.


In early March, they were laughing at people who were buying a lot of toiler paper. Even Cornholio, they said, needed less.


Meanwhile, the virus was now infecting Europe. But surely they wouldn't cancel the Olympics, right?


In the second half of March, much of Europe was quarantined. But things still pretty calm. After a bumpy beginning, store shelves were full again. But, at least in 2020, lack of food wasn't an issue - it was the lack of medical care.


In April, no one was laughing anymore. Over 30 million infected worldwide. Cities under lockdown. Internet use exploding as people were forced to stay in their homes. Horrible rumors coming out of North Korea.


Then India had an explosion in cases. Worse than what happened in China in February. Way worse. Oh, and they did cancel the Olympics. And Euro 2020. And pretty much every major gathering. But guess who coudn't easily avoid large groups of people.


The answer came on the worst day in 2020. Much worse than the so-called Black Monday. Some say, even worse than 9/11.


When we heard on May 29 that 1 billlion people were infected, and 28 million were dead, we were shocked. However experts have predicted that perhaps even 70% of world's population would get infected. That was only 10%. And you know what they say - When one dies, it is a tragedy. When a million die, it is a statistic. Well, it wasn't one person. Two.


Donald Trump and Pope Francis.


Both were old. Both had a relatively high chance of dying. But, both had best medical care. Yet that wasn't enough. Trump died early in the morning. Pope in the evening. Many other important people died on that day, but it was the death of these two that had the biggest impact. 


May 29, 2020 would forever be known as the Black May-Day, or BMD (Byem-Dee). In America, Pence took over. And later defeated Biden, but that is not the focus of this article. But to millions of Catholics, it looked as if God didn't want to protect his own. Some said it was the punishment for pedophilia in the church. Others, that Pope was just a man, not a supernatural being. After all, was he not the one who said that "God is not a magician!"? And Francis always said his pontificate will be a short one.


Others were more concerned with Dow falling 3750 points on that day.


Summer came. Unfortunately it turned out that the virus was immune to hot temperatures. And it was airborne. It was a hot and dry summer, and again, the hottest ever, but very few spoke of climate change that year. The news became rather repetitive - more increasing numbers around the world - that many deaths, new precautions, quarantines. That doesn't mean nothing interesting happened.


Remember when I mentioned that before BMD there were some rumors coming out of North Korea? Well, (as pretty much everyone expected) it turned out that their horrible state of healthcare greatly contributed to the destruction of their country. Even now we don't have a full picture - for instance exactly when Un died - was it in November 2020 or January 2021? Was he murdered, commited suicide or died of a virus? We simply don't know. Where are their nukes? That we also don't know. There is now a  faint talk of reunification, but both countries are in shambles - and just the recovery of SK is expected to last for a decade at least. Do not expect strong Korea anytime soon.


Of course, NK's regime wasn't the only one that collapsed - Iran's government (and any remaining stability in the country) ceased to exists in the middle of 2021. Few African governments too. Most countries fortunately survived, and in some cases were even less politically divided. But then we have things like the Venezuelan protesters hanging Maduro during a coup. In general, countries that were stable before the Pandemic suffered less, like Germany or Japan.


Even today there are still reports of people dying of the Coronavirus. But we're talking maybe 5 to 10 people a day. The virus is contained. We've had a vaccine since the last October. Still, over the last two years, the death toll had been massive: 316 MILLION dead people. Six times more than the number of those who died in WWII. And even if we assume that the highest estimated number of victims of the Spanish Flu - 100 million - is correct, the Coronavirus Pandemic, or simply The Pandemic, killed three times as much.


However, not every one of those deaths was due to weak organism or poor medical care - it's estimated that 50 million died of other illnesses/existing conditions, as much as 30 million could've died of hunger,  some 20 million people may have taken their own life, and perhaps 1.5 to 4 million died in conflicts. It's too early for an accurate estimate, but do know that the total death toll did not exceed 330 million.


Remember to visit Lunarcoast News next Thursday, where I'll be talking about the fate of United States, European Union, Russia, and China - the four giants who survived, albeit with ugly scars.




Coming Next Week: The Four Giants - How did they survive? What changed? (By Melvin Harris)




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Ok, back to the real world. So that was the first article. As you might've expected, quite a few will be covering the Pandemic. I chose to present what I think is a realistic worst case scenario(That fortunately will never happen!) - Coronavirus usually only kills older people. A lot of countries got ruined. But the world has survived. In the next article I will explore how society changed, and maybe include an article from the second half of 2020s - when things start to get better, and from 2030 - when a new, much better decade starts.



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Enjoyed reading that Kemotx, looking forward to the next one 




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Yea it was a fun read.

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That means everyone on earth gets infected with Coronavirus. 4% Death rate, 330 million. 


I am scared of this virus.

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