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My post singularity VR game

VR Video game Singularity AI Business sex power off topic politics war

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Set and Meet Goals

Set and Meet Goals


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(note this is my first draft and just roughly outlines the rules)



What is this game plus a header note?


VR game, Changes to be made after the real-world singularity as a super intelligent me and ai could fix the game up so I enjoy it more.


This game is an exact simulation of the real-world starting February 20th, 2015 12am. With a few changes. This exact simulation could be achieved through time travel or modelling with physics.



Business rules AKA the main change

At the start of the game I lose 1000 USD from my bank balance If I do not have 1000 USD the difference is taken from the birthday money, I receive that day.

This money I loose goes towards instantly forming a business that I fully own (name it what you want) an example name is your names’ kingdom or your name megacorporation.

This businesses value is equal to the same value I lost ($1000 USD) the business is automatically controlled and operated (I don’t need to do anything it automatically operates) it grows at exactly 10% per year plus the USD inflation (your real purchasing power and business value in USD increasing 10% a year)no more no less (also if deflation is happening it won’t slow the businesses growth). This means that you get a real growth in business value of 10% as value is not lost due to the decline in purchasing power of the dollar as the business gets added growth equal to inflation.

Its growth happens throughout the year growing at the same small % each day + daily inflation % to equal 10% growth plus inflation over the course of each 365 days.

The business pays out a dividend of 2.5% of total business value divided by 365 every day at 12am.

This business seeks to make everything owned by you, all people, all resources, all private property all personal property, all art, culture, ownership of invention, the right to space and the universe it will try to make anything good anyone has done associated to you. This happens in a realistic way tuned to how your average capitalist with an infinite growing business would take over everything an example might be becoming the biggest business in a economic sector globally before buying up competition in that sector and taking over other sectors. (think cult of personality in regard to everything good associated with you)

The business gives you emergency, daily, weekly, monthly quarterly, yearly, 5 yearly, reports for the past and for future plans so if you want you can keep up with what your business is doing to seem more congruent.


I can add money to the business instantly raising its value the new value will still be growing at 10% plus % for inflation so real purchasing power of daily dividends and business value is increasing by 10% a year



Other game changes

In the game/simulation the Singularity (runaway human level AI)  does not occur unless I choose to make it occur with my business as it would defeat the purpose of the game which is me slowly gaining power and dominance over the world (as well as becoming attractive through learning game and using my wealth). Technological development could occur at mainstream expectations (or what a super intelligent post singularity me and AI think development in this game should occur at to give me maximum happiness) although my business will make technological development occur to sell stuff.


Game starts at 12 am on the dot 20th February 2015 (my 18th birthday) I become me from that date with the only difference being I keep the memories I have attained since that date up to when I finished writing the game (before its post singularity edit).


At the simulation start the following are invented and available to all the public their price does not increase with inflation

cure to the disability you have (I assume dyspraxia) costs 1’000 USD

Ability to stop your ageing $10’000

Ability to reverse/change your biological age $100’000




You alone know of and can buy the following like the above, the price does not increase with inflation

$1’000’000 Clear everything that lowers people’s perception of you from there memory and public discourse. This can only be purchased once. However, when cheat mode is unlocked you can obviously get it whenever you want at any price you want.


Cheat mode

To activate cheat mode, you need all private property (property used to generate profit)

When cheat mode is unlocked you can cheat which means if you want you can make anything at all in the simulation happen.


Future changes to come

  • Explaining the purpose of the game and each change to the simulation more
  • Fixing grammar and explaining what I mean with a lot of statements in more detail
  • How to get my crush
  • Different policies that can be activated regarding putting your money into the business
  • What I should seek to achieve in the first 5 years of this life
  • How the business may go to war to expand at a certain point
  • How I can work with the business aka giving it money to do certain things for me instead of growing such as give me batman like training and technology to help it take down other private property

Possible to come

  • How much I can make the business cantered around helping me vs it just does realistic actions to get 10% plus inflation growth
  • Making the game more applicable to anyone rather than just me
  • A short-written story pretending I’m playing the game to show how it might play out

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