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I know you're going to have a heart attack just looking at this, but this is actually a movie script. Now hiring actors for Journey to Inexistence!





(Device starts sparking up)

JAD: Alright.  

2_______:  What is it doing?       

JAD: Well, the feltonite is causing paradoxical reactions that open the key to the warp drives of time. This can allow you to warp into the time ahead.  

2_______: But if we go to the future, will we ever come back?  

JAD: Of course. JTI is a project where we can go into unimaginable futures, but coming back would be easy, since all you have to do is to set the drive into reverse. In this mission, we will travel where no one has gone before  - the singularity.  

3_______: Explainable.  

JAD: Ready? (sets computer to time travel app, screen shows 2020)

2_______: Alright then…

(blinding flash of light as all three vanish)

(bystanders stare in shock)

(Screen rolls forward, doubling screen every five seconds, as screen rolls into 2100s, and in the back, all around, are skyscrapers gradually rising, then as the 2200s rolls by…)

3_______: Whoa.

(Skyscrapers look devastated and bombarded, as a yellow haze develops as smog pollution).  

(Screens slows by 2270, and stops at 2293)

(Reveals a completely empty major city, with abandoned empty streets)

2_______: This must be McKinney. All things are built out now, as the town is now being a major city, but not any, an abandoned one. But Jaden, I have to tell you something. Is this what we get (moves arm to show all the bleak gloomy buildings) out of the coronavirus?  

JAD: Well, the coronavirus is not just an issue we have back in the 2020s. The Rambonian nuttersuckers will cause an invasion in 2032 and we will have no security against them, leading to the cause of World War Three in 2042, and the presidency of Pauline Spinks.  

2(_______)(looks around briefly and nods)

3________ (pronouncing it out): Nutter-suckers?

(All three step off time machine platform)

JAD: Okay, this air could be possibly contaminated. Be careful.  

[SCENE CHANGES TO A RANDOM STREET IN OLD MCKINNEY. There was the courthouse, dwarfed among massive tall skyscrapers with dilapidated cracked streets]

(All three walk up stairs into the doorway, as all the walls had massive busted holes, and the hallways were trashed)

MALE ROBOT VOICE: Welcome, Jaden.

(blue-purplish lit holograph screen appears in front of all three)

(video comes on showing a man in the presidential office, small white text on bottom left briefly appearing, "Markham Marrows")

Same MALE ROBOT VOICE: Markham Marrows was president in 2185, fifth great grandson of Frank!

2________: Who's Frank?

JAD: When I was in 11,661, another person came here all along, by the name of Frank Marrows. His descendant will be president.

ROBOT VOICE: The coronavirus crisis was just the beginning. After that the Rambonians will come in 2028, and we will make good friends, but in 2032, will cause great havoc worldwide, killing five hundred million folks.  

(Screen changes to show UFOs over the Houston skyline in daylight, as few skyscrapers had small fires)  

3________: (in shock) five hundred million?

(screen changes to two national armies fighting each other on a plain)

ROBOT VOICE: Leading to World War Three, and the election of Sean Hartson, Pauline Spinks, and Lena Hartson!  

2________: Who?

JAD: They're people who haven't been elected yet.

(scene changes to another man in presidential office)

ROBOT VOICE: And the philosophical Jaynou Oliver Beck! Elected November 3rd, 2082, but assassinated in July 2084, by no one knows who.  

3________: Now he's just listing future presidents.

 (shows hand at screen) This is dumb.

(screen shows uninhabitable Miami skyline with flooded streets during daylight)

ROBOT VOICE: And ever since 2110, rising sea levels have become a threat, making coastal cities like New Orleans and Miami uninhabitable.  

JAD: Now, this is something I disagree with. Why didn't they build a seawall instead? Lazy Americans.  

(screen turns static)

ROBOT VOICE: We found one clip with "Lazy Americans". Dated, May Fifteenth, 2043.  

(screen now shows American soldiers in uniforms on a runway on a battle airfield dancing and singing, "all your diarrhea comes from Korea, ding ding ding ding…)  

JAD: This is ridiculous. That song probably went viral. Why haven't I heard of it?

3________: It's not being politically correct, obviously. They would have discontinued it afterwards.  

JAD: (sigh) All these alien takeovers, and World War Three. I heard World War Four would start by 2218, right? Not too sure, even being into the future myself.

(song stops playing as screen changes to a US map by 2280)

3________: (walks up even closer to screen and stares) This is future American geography right here. "Delaton?" is that New York City? And why is everything around it in Delaware? Boston is the capital of Connecticut, hmm. (looks downward) South Florida has vanished completely, (turns head to the left) and the capital of Nevada is Los Angeles. (turns head back toward Delaton on the map) First it's New Amsterdam. Then it's New York. Now it's Delaton? What is going on here?  

ROBOT VOICE: All the richest empires lived in these states but unfortunately, poorer states lost their economies and sold to them. And that was part of the cause of World War Four.  

2________: Delaton is making me hungry because it sounds like "gelatin".

JAD: It's actually del-LATIN, not DELA-tin.   

(screen changes to pictures of types of food the robot voice will soon list, each coming after another)

ROBOT VOICE: Gelatin. OJ. Pizza. Pies. Hamburgers. Fries. Nostalgic eateries (voice distorts and fades).

(screen turns static and disappears)

(all three people head out walking through the doorway)

2________: At least we learned something. Let's just not hope that ahead of us is even odder.

JAD: And speaking of gelatin, did we bring any snacks?

3________:Well…um… I put lunch meat and Frito Lay in the bottom compartment, so yes.  

JAD: My nose is starting to get itchy, the best thing to do is to ….(yells) RUN!

(All start sprinting into the street to where the machine is)

2________: There are contaminants in the air, we have to go!

[Scene changes to the street where all the three set foot on the machine, stop running, and begin to pant loudly]  

(five seconds pass and panting diminishes)

JAD (one breath): Okay, (starts to power up the machine using the laptop) where do you want to go next?

3________: (shrugs) Depends.

(Time machine powers up, as a clear bubble develops around the entire platform)

(Laptop screen rolls into 2300s, getting faster, as pollution fades and all there is left is a wasteland with piles of trash.

(As the 2360s rolls, new tall coned shaped futuristic skyscrapers gradually start uplifting again, as they keep going into the 2400s)

(Time machine rolls faster)

(All three get dizzy and fall to the ground)

JAD: We're doing fine…just wait a second…(everybody's teeth clatter, as they vibrate on the floor)

(everything blackens for three seconds)

(machinery quiets and slows down)

JAD (gets up from the floor as 2_____ and 3_____ follow): Okay, it's slow...ing down now.  

JAD: Rough ride, wasn't it?  

(2_____ and 3_____ stare at each other and nod, and continue to relieve themselves from all the shaking)

(time machine starts to power down)

(laptop screens rolls into the 19,820s)

(laptop screen slows down)

(screen beeps 19,841)

3_______ (stares at screen openmouthed): Nineteen thousand?

JAD (jerks his head to see screen): Whoa. Even I myself have never traveled this far.  

3_______: Well, now it's time to experience the real future.  

(Scenery is a tropical rainforest with all sorts of animal noises)

(The time machine was lying on a thick brushy vine, signifying how dense the forest "jungle" actually is)

JAD: Well (3__), due to the Sahara pump theory, the Sahara will be tropical in about fifteen thousand years, and we're in seventeen thousand.

2_______: But Jaden, this is not the Sahara.

JAD: Dallas around our time is in the temperate grassland climate, and maybe now likely the gulf stream moves differently, now making this area the tropics. (clears throat) Estimations.

2_______: Points.

JAD: Now creatures not would've evolved too much, but let's still be careful. Let's wander a bit. Anybody have a GPS, so we can mark the machine's location?

2__ (pulls out phone and opens google maps app)  

(shows phone screen displaying, "check your internet connection")

2_______: No internet. Go figure.

3_______: Guess we're going to do it naturally. Cameras don't require an internet connection, so let's take pictures of the area instead.

(All three step off machine, and walk. Any thick brush and twigs they stumble upon, they lift up or step over.)

(2___ raises phone and takes a picture and puts it back in his pocket)

(All three stare in shock as they stumble across a narrow stone trail winding through the forest, where all brush have been cut)

JAD: Perfect.

(All three head walking slowly on the trail)

(Brighter light ahead of them about 300 feet)

JAD: This must be the end.  

2_______: Or the edge of the forest.  

[Scene changes to show the three on the trail on the border of the forest. On the other side lies a massive sandy desert cracked wasteland where mild plants are growing. The trail diminishes into the sand, as the three walk on it. On the desert about a mile in the horizon in front of them is a futuristic city with ten clumped tall skyscrapers and few hemisphere shaped buildings in front of them]
[A mile behind even all of this, is a vast red sun setting behind two hills]

3_______ (stares at sunset): Beautiful.

JAD: Well it will be beautiful, until we find out what would happen to humanity 8180 years past my time.

3_______:  Global warming has killed us?

2_______: Likely not.

JAD: Let's go to the city. It probably won't harm.

 (All three proceed to walk toward the city)

[Scene changes to where all three are walking torward the nearest hemispheral building within a radius of about three hundred feet. Sun has completely setted, as stars begin to appear in the sky. All the skyscraper windows have lit up to a blue-purple tinge.  Crickets sound]

JAD: Okay we're here. We walked about six thousand steps to get here, don't be afraid.

2_______: Okay. So what is the technology you have in 11,661? Energy blasters, this is what? You said this is eight thousand one hundred eighty later? Who knows what technology we could have, or the surviving intelligence.

JAD: They're probably still friendly with humans. (Stares around the hemisphere building to see if there is any port of entry, but there isn't) What, no door?

3_______: Teleportation maybe.

(Bright blue light flashes electrifying all three, as they disappear)

[Scene changes to inside the hemisphere, as all three appear after a second blinding blue flash of light]

(Around them is a large empty room, with a transparent holographic floor with grided hexagonal shaped blue lights. Below the floor, lies five layers of the same floor style. The room is circular, but the top part of the hemisphere has been concealed by a concrete ceiling twenty feet above)

JAD: Nothing?

(A mysterious row of twenty hologaphic blue balls emerges from the other side of the wall, and circles around the room very rapidly, as three turn their heads in shock)

2_______: We're probably so far in the future that every one aspect of the year nineteen thousand--(points at Jad)

JAD: Eight hundred forty one.

2_______ (snaps) Yes, requires computerized aspects. So in other words, this is probably all a program simulation.

(Row of balls stop circling and start to shine purple light on the wall as a large screen appeares. All three turn and stare at it.)

3________: This again?

(Room turns dark, only thing seen is the light reflecting on the screens, the light from the screen reflecting back on the three, and the lit floor)

(A deep echoed male robot voice speaks up)

ROBOT VOICE: Hello, humans from the year 2020. Hello Jaden from 11,661. We're glad you're here. You are just memories to us.

3________: And just who are you?

ROBOT VOICE: We still have your past mind uploads.

(An image of a normal 21st century neighborhood street in California with cars parked on the side flickers on the screen)

ROBOT VOICE: California.

(A video of a traffic jam on Interstate 405 shows up, loud continuous honking could be heard)

(Seconds later, the video flickers to the futuristic Los Angeles skyline being underwater)

JAD: I remember this. This is during the Ranohrogorath invasion. And in a few seconds, the water downpours the whole city as the bubble breaches. Three, two, one...

(The clip now shows the buildings destabilizing and falling toward the ocean bottom)

2________: Rano- what year did that happen again?

JAD: 6659.

(Screen flickers to a video on a wheat field showing a massive fireball soaring down toward behind a sandy barren mountain in the background, a great explosion could be heard, as smoke and dust headed rapidly toward the camera)

2________: Chelabinsk?

3________: Chelabinsk is more wooded than this. This looks like the Middle East. This can't be it.

JAD: (briefly points at screen) Yes, I remember this. This is the collision of 9817, over (pauses for five seconds) ...ten thousand years ago. (Pauses again for three seconds) Ten thousand? Man, that was a while ago. We sure traveled a long way. From 11,661's prespective, 9817 was technically just a few centuries ago.

2________: Are there any prominent events after Jaden's time you can list, like in...for example...15,435?

(Los Angeles flood footage keeps replaying on screen)

ROBOT VOICE: I'm afraid we have no records of that. Nothing but this happened since The Fall in 13,231. The footage of what you call Los Angeles in 2020 is the only remnant we have left from your era.

3_______: The Fall? I was thinking Adam and Eve, but this is probably something different. No MacBooks? No coronavirus podcasts? No Old Town Road?

JAD: (little lower than normal voice) We're not like we're two hundred years in the future as like that other time. Things would have most likely been forgotten by now, as he mentioned.

3_______: (little lower than normal voice) Right.

ROBOT VOICE: Well if you're mentioning road, there is a pathway to an old city in the east.

(Screen flickers to an image of an old city with decaying skyscrapers taken on a cracked causeway made entirely of glass)

JAD: (normal voice) And well... but you can still speak English. I don't get that.

ROBOT VOICE: English has dispersed throughout the stars and has become the most wide-spoken language of the Orion Arm of our Milky Way galaxy.

2_______: But wouldn't it have evolved to a point where you can't read 21st century English anymore? I mean...

(Screen flickers to a page of a random term on an Internet dictionary website)

ROBOT VOICE: We do have your English in our algorithm. Those Internet dictionaries were the only items we were able to keep in all these conflicts.

(Holographic man sitting on a bench playing a piano with a harmonica being held by his mouth appears right in front perpendicular to the left of the three.)

(Music starts up)

3________: So does this signify the end of humanity? Are there any of us left?

ROBOT VOICE: Yes, but most of you have become nomadic. Blast!


3________: It was great talking to you, Mr. Scary Intelligence!

[Scene changes to the dark night sky outside, where all the three teleport in a flash outside the city limits, walking away on the desert wasteland once again.]

JAD (looks back at city): Impressive. That artificial intelligence had more feelings that any I've met in my life.

(All three stop, look at each other startled for a few seconds)

JAD: Right. We have to find the time machine.

2________: Well due to the movement of stars, if we follow Polaris that's rising in the east, we can find the forest we came out of.

JAD: But Polaris is not the North Star anymore. It's Vega, or whatever. (Points directly above of him to the new location of Polaris) That's why Polaris is right above of us, since it's right after when the sun set.

3________: No GPS. Not to lie though, it's a pretty nice night out here. Not too chilly-

2________: Great. Let's find another method. So now I'm going to pull out my camera and zoom in to where the forest is. (Pulls out phone from back pocket, look at it, and presses the camera app. He holds up his phone and zooms into what is ahead of him. A band of dark trees could be seen on his camera.) Hmm...yep, we're going the right way.

(2__ then turns around and snapshots the city one final time before all three continue to walk)

[Scene changes to where the end of the trail through the forest is]

2_________: Keep going.

JAD: There's going to be little bit of brush we are going to have to walk through...(abrubtly stops walking, sniff sniff).

3_________: I smell that too.

JAD: Smells like smoke.

2_________ (puts phone back in pocket): Keep on going, regardless of the danger. We don't belong here.

(Loud groaning in background)

JAD: Follow the groaning!

(All three sprint down the trail and wained off, vigorously lifting each brush in their way as the groaning continued. They stumbled across the time machine, but directly in front them is a stegosaurus lied flat on the ground with smoke rising out of its belly.)

3__________: Poor dinosaur. Wait, where are we again? This is confusing me. Why is there a dinosaur out here? (looks around)

2__________: 19,841.

3__________: So what you're practically saying is that the future would be like Jurassic Park where there will be risen dinosaurs.

JAD: Yeah, specifically around 2250.

3__________: Wow.

2__________: That dino walked over flammable leaves, and he nearly caught fire. That's my theory.

JAD: Nah, he probably got shocked by the time machine security. Usually when it comes to unauthorized beings, there is a warning and if you don't follow, you get minorly shocked. But it's not supposed to be fatal to humans though.

2__________ (Pulls out phone, takes a picture of the lying dinosaur, and puts it back in his pocket): We should step over him.

3__________: But hat will make him...angry.

JAD: Not really. (Walks over dinosaur and steps on time machine platform)

2__________: Perfect. 3___, you proceed.

(3____ proceeds, as 2_____ follows)

(All of them are now on the time machine platform, as they touch both their kneecaps panting.)

(Stegosaurus lifts his head from the ground and makes a loud angry roar.)

2__________: Okay I see now. Hurry up!

(Panting fades)

(JAD puts in FSSD password and it loads in a loading bar.)

3_________: Jaden, let's go!

JAD: I can't, it's loading! (Stegosaur starts smacking his head on the platform, as remnants of the ledge slowly break off)

(2______ and 3______ cringe toward the opposite side of the machine from the dinosaur)

(Time screen shows 19,841.)

(JAD, using a mouse, rapidly clicks the right yellow arrow to the right of the computer screen as the years start to roll further into the future.)

(2_____ and 3_______ stand up from cringing)

(JAD sighs)

2_______: Who's okay?

JAD and 3________: Yeah.

(dinosaur bones could only be seen as screen rolls into the 20,120s)

[Scene changes to where the machine slows into the 27,600s and beeps at 27,612]

(In front of the machine [behind the screen], there are a couple trees, and behind these trees, lie four cylindrical skyscrapers with pyramid shapes on top. Between is a paved sidewalk that toward the end is cut off by more trees. Each building's windows flash different rainbow colors, as if it was a disco. Beatbox electronic music starts playing. The top of one building to the front left has a taller pointed top to the other, and has a mysterious moving device on top where a moving large, blinding light blue laser beacon is circling around to detect intruders. In the very front, there are legless cylindrical robots with blue flames below them. They only have screens on their faces, which changing rainbow lights on it pulsate to the beatboxing*.)

(Fifteen seconds in, JAD nods to the beat, as the other two follow one by one)

(Twenty-five seconds in, the laser beacon flashes on all three, as everything turns black.)

[Scene changes to where the machine slows into the 35,370s and beeps at 35,375]

(Everything around all the machine is purple. The machine is on a purple metal platform.)

(Right about six feet in front of them is a vast, infinite purple screen with floating human heads moving at random sides as if they were in a computer. In the background, lightning sparks continuing once every three seconds)

("We-we-we" echos in the background)

(A woman computer voice from the screen): We-we-we-we-we-we-we-we-we-we-we-we-we are truffles.

(Computer man voice): We-we-we-we-we-we-we-we-we-we-we-we-we-we-we-we are st-st-st-st-starbursts.

("We-we-we" continues to echo in the background)

(Random strawberry Starbursts start raining down from the top of the screen as the heads lift to eat as much as they can)

(Another head with a computer voice): We-we-we-we-we-we-we-we-we-yum-yum-yum-yum-yum-yum-yum-yum-yum-yum (starts to throw up chewed Starbursts) barf-barf-barf-barf-barf-barf-barf-barf-barf-barf-barf-barf-barf-barf.

[Scene changes as screen rolls into the 48,410's and beeps at 48,416]

(There is a daytime snowy landscape with conifer trees about 300 feet in front . Miles beyond the conifer forest, there is a futuistic city with towering pointed skyscrapers that can be seen. There are flying cars moving up and about toward the background city, and in the opposite direction in a sky causeway to the upper left of the scene. Hums of these vehicles can be heard as they fly by.)

2______ (fifteen seconds later): So we were just in a computer...right? And that was like...thirty-five thousand. The more into the future we go, the more advanced we become. Simple logic isn't it? I can't imagine what the oncoming years after this will be like.

JAD: I don't think that's the case, and probably not as good as this.

3_______ (points to the left): Look out!

(A monkey starts to run aggressively from the left across the snowy plain on all four legs)

(Seconds pass, and Bigfoot pursues the monkey down holding an spinning odd weapon that looks like a spiral drill with a handle. Bigfoot tries to zap the monkey with small electric lightning bolts, accidentally zapping snow and trees as the trees catch fire. Both run out of the scene.)

[Scene changes as screen rolls into the 105,610's and beeps at 105,625]

(The machine appears on a small grassland in the middle of a dense subtropical forest with particuarly oak trees. All the technology is no longer in sight.)

JAD: We've made it past a hundred thousand. What do you think?

2_______ (Dozens of gnats swarm around as he starts swatting his own face): Off gnats!

3_______: Jaden, you were right. I don't see any signs of technology, how did you know this if you haven't been here before?

JAD: The Vatawashovski human reset theory.

2______ (still swatting): Who?

JAD: Excuse me, he won't be famous until 2880.

2__________: That's a mistake!

3__________ (looks at 2___): Just run around the machine and they'll lose you.

2___________: Good idea!

(2__________ walks off time platform and starts to sprint rapidly around the platform three times)

JAD: We definitely did not bring insect repellent.

3___________: And many other things. Just food.

2___________(stops running and minorly pants holding his kneecaps for ten seconds): Okay! (huff huff) I got them off now!

JAD: Good. Now since nature has reclaimed this area now, we will most likely have a pest invasion.

2___________: And what about the Yellowstone volcano eruption? Won't that happen in a hundred thousand years?

JAD: That volcano erupted technically in 6491. It was confirmed to be overdue. First there's the ending interglacial period, which will cause Earth to go into an ice age in 50,000 years, as what we saw.

2___________: And Bigfoot...

JAD: An Earth day is now about two seconds longer due to the loss of pulling as the Moon gets more distant.

3___________: Why don't we look for something to keep? Like memorabilia? So we can prove that we've been this far in this future.

2___________: I'm not doing it. I'm definitely not going to have a gnat attack again.

JAD: Fine. I will go get something. I'll be right back.

(JAD walks off platform into grass, into the behind of a clump of trees, vanishing from sight.)

2___________ (yells): And don't get chiggers!

JAD (yells): In 11,661, chiggers have been extinct for nearly six thousand years! There's probably going to be nothing here!

2___________ (stares at 3_______): I hope he doesn't get lost.

3___________: Me neither.

[Scene changes to during sunset time.]

(2_________ is lying flat on the platform with his arms out looking at his phone in boredom, as 3_________ sits in the chair vibrating her lips)

3__________: I'm legitimately concerned. It's been three hours. He's never going to return, he might be lost. We might spend a night here and this is not the best year to indeed spend a night.

2__________: He will likely come. The only thing what's holding him up is likely the fact that he's found something unusual. (sigh) I always keep forgetting that I am in the future and have no internet connection. It always feels like I'm going camping with my friends.

[Scene changes to when the sun has already set, around nine in the night]

(2________ is asleep on the platform with the phone lying a little above his head. 3________ is staring at where Jaden disappeared in worry.)

3_________ (yells as loud as she could): Jaden! (only echos could be heard)

2________ (gets up and stands up): No hope? And we can't just leave without him either. Say, why don't we try to find him?

3_________ (rapid shock in facial expression): What are you saying? We can't abandon this machine again. He's probably lost. He's probably scared.

(Faint yelling in distance)

3________: Wait, you hear that?

2________: I hope it's not someone else.

3________: People would've been long gone by this point. We are the only homo sapiens on this planet.

2________: What if it's homo sapiens ultima?

3________: What exactly do you mean by that? That we will modify ourselves to have more intelligence? Sounds reasonable to me. Just think about this. The asteroid collision footage we saw in 19,841. Now since we're further in the future, such an event would be so prevalent that would just simply kill us all.

2_______: Yeah, but what about the people in the computers we saw in 35,000 something? We were still advanced. Only dumb people would not know how to avert an asteroid. Humans are nearly seven million years old. There is probably at least some of us still living by this time.

(JAD emerges from the same trees he disappeared from)

3_______ (openmouthed): Where did you go?

JAD: Well, I'm afraid I can't explain it. But what I can tell you is this! (pulls out small decorative cube from his pocket) (Jad steps on platform) (Shows out his hand to reveal the small cube in even more detail)

3 (picks cube up, examines it for a few seconds, and places it on the table.): What really is it?

JAD: It is food from the future. It is like the meal replacement pill idea, but an upskill alternative.

2_______:  I really want to get out of this era. I'm tired.

JAD and 3______ (nod): Yeah.

JAD: Sorry for coming late. There were just normal things all over and I couldn't find anything special.

3________: That's okay.


[screen rolls into 520,400's and beeps on 520,410]

(There is a vast Sahara-looking desert with sand dunes in the background. A small oasis is present right in front of them, with a few palm trees lines side by side on a small patch of greenery. A monkey is on the greenery with a large gray box machine tied to his back.)

(He is jumping and dancing vigorously, as electronic beatboxing begins)

MONKEY: Coconuts for me. Coconuts for us. Coconuts for Scotty. Coconuts for you. (pause for two seconds) Coconuts for me. Coconuts for us. Coconuts for Scotty. Coconuts for--

(The monkey gets bombarded with coconuts falling out of the sky, as he jumps more vigorously than before.)

MONKEY (happily): Ay-ya-ya-ay! Coconut, coconut, coconut!

[screen rolls into 896,780s and beeps on 896,795]

(It is in a dark forest, and the only thing seen is a wide cave doorway and inside is a lit up long hallway lined with tall aliens, as dark as charcoal dressed in metal armor. Their face and hands were only exposed, and both were very tall and elongated in shape.)

(On the floor, there were stone etchings of mysterious symbols and toward the end of the hallway, was a larger alien in armor seated in his throne.)

(All three curiously walk into the doorway)

ALIEN KING: Gyruotilimitoyailiowasi!

2__________: English please?

ALIEN KING: Nuioplixo?

ALIEN KING: Buijoplentoniritos asdi ritogasidal!

(The nearest alien on the side with armor holds a random finger on JAD's head, as the alien's forehead lights up to show faint white wavelength boxes in it, flashing to show the frequencies of memories being transmitted)

(JAD shakes due to the vibration.)

(Alien's head continues to flash.)

ALIEN KING: English.

ALIEN KING: Humanity. The Large Magellanic Cloud. Jaynou Oliver Beck. Alien Takeovers. Splashing in tomato sauce.  Quattuordecicentiquadrimillinillion. Having a seizure right now. I am starving. Happy Meals. Battle Royale. Pinball machines. Omega Centauri globular cluster. I lost my pencil. Septenquadringentimicrofemtillion.
2__________:  Can you please stop reading his memories?

3__________ (Shoves JAD's body away from the alien's hand and walks out the cave entrance): Let's go.

ALIEN KING: Hijorectourim.

(Alien who scanned JAD's head forcibly puts its hand back down)

(All two others proceed to slowly exit the cave entrance after 3____)

[scene changes as screen rolls into 2,020,190s and beeps at 2,020,202]

(The machine is now floating above a stream with very swift rapids, as the platform starts to bob up and down. There is a rocky shoreline on both sides surrounded by forests down beyond the horizon.)

(JAD screams)

(JAD clings on to the table)

JAD (turns around to see the other two): Do something!

2__________: I know!

(The others try to keep their standing balance as they continue to run to cling on to the table also)

(3_____ looses balance and starts to slide down toward the water, as she rapidly clings on 2______'s foot with one hand after another)

JAD (panicked yell): I'm going to click! (Lets go of right hand and reaches toward computer mouse, which is wobbling up and down)

(JAD aggravatedly moves the mouse to click the right arrow)

(The screen rolls into the 2,020,210s as the platform slams onto the surface water as the trees around it begin to rapidly change their shape)

[scene changes as screen rolls into 7,142,120s and beeps at 7,142,128]

(The machine platform was now in a wide waterless ditch,




as of today. Not finished.

Sorry for the blanks I left. This is incomplete.



I myself am a time traveler who has been to anonymous future eras. I work for the CIA. :cool:

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