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The Whole World Turns To Food!

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Imagine waking up to an alternate reality where the whole world is food (no this is not Flint Lockwood).

Do you want this to happen to our world? Leave your thoughts below.



Ahh, you wake up to a world full of food!


Your friends are splashing in a pond of salsa relaxing on tortilla chips...


You have a hot tub of chili in your backyard...


The girls are making angels in the pepperoni pizza...


Mmm.  xD


Slide down a saucy strand of spaghetti...


Relax on your favorite bean burrito...


Ride a biscuit down a gravy waterfall diving into the hot gravy springs!


Ride on a graham cracker down the waves of liquid cheese, surf's up queso!


"Foodmerica"! :clapping:


It's storming waffles in San Di-eggo...


And in the rest of Cauliflowernia...


Go to Pepper-jacksonville, Flourida to see buildings made of cheesy bread! Looks like we're running out, go to Batter Rouge for more options!


There's a giant pond of hot sauce covering Arkansauce...


And cheesy alfredo lakes over Saucekatewan...


Getting tired of the hot dessert temperatures? Go to Caffphoenix for your favorite coffee icing plains to make angels in!


Leaving Chip-huahua, you need a gassport to cross the border crossiant into El Pesto!


Where do you splash in your favorite apple Big Red? Minne-appleis, Minnesoda!


Go to Detrout, Fishigan for a mega seafood combo theme park! Have a shrimp fight!


Wow! Driving through New Pork City. All the highways were bacon and the skyscrapers are the juiciest ham and sirloin you've ever seen.


You must be in heaven. :king:



Wha-wha- don't forget the cities with the Buffalo sauce on the Philly Cheesesteak! :angry:

I myself am a time traveler who has been to anonymous future eras. I work for the CIA. :cool:

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