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On wikipedia there's timelines of different advancements and science and tech.

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On wikipedia there's timelines of different advancements of  science and tech. One such timeless is "timeline of material technology" . Up until 1986 there were advancements every year or few years...What advances could be added to this list since that time(1986-2020)? https://en.wikipedia...ials_technology




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I love that you found a Wikipedia  entry that can easily be expanded upon.  I know this isn't much help, and that you are aware of it (at this writing you were the last to post there), but there is this:




I guess the problem is an embarrassment of riches.  Sorting through that thread to pick out the best choices. 


There is also the problem of the gap between 1986 (the last year in the Wikipedia article) and 2011 (the start of the Future Timeline thread). 

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Carbon nanotubes and graphene seem like obvious ones. If you're looking for ones to be curious about yourself though, I'd turn your attention to unobtanium. This substance is very cool. If you have ever wanted to float in the sky then unobtanium will make your wildest dreams come true, kind of like Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite. Whatever it is you want in life, Unobtanium, or Pedro can bring it to fruition. 


For example, say you wanted to be able to fly. Unobtanium has been proven to make it happen. 



Or say for another example you wanted to live in a giant tree,


well, Jessica, let me tell you something............... Unobtanium is also able to make that little something happen. Just look:




It might not look like much but trust me, once you get past the smell of gasoline it is very enjoyable. 


Is there anything unobtanium can't do?

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