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Smart fabrics

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I recently discovered some fascinating bit of technology -- that apparently has existed for a number of years:  fabrics that can either redirect body infrared light back into the skin; or that can convert body heat into light in other parts of the infrared spectrum.  This is used, for example, to heal muscles faster, following injury or a workout.  But it also is good at improving circulation:

Most of the benefits of bi0-ceramic clothing can likely be traced to improved circulation. "Improved circulation" has become such a common phrase that it now sounds like a marketing buzzword, but circulation is incredibly important. From a recovery standpoint, increased blood flow helps flush out the by-products of intense exercise quicker. When our cells can't get enough oxygen to keep up with strenuous activity, excess lactic acid accumulates. Improved circulation helps to flush out the deoxygenated blood, lactic acid and other waste products from our extremities so that oxygenated, nutrient-rich blood can flow back in more effectively. Poor circulation can lead to a host of health issues, since it means your muscles and organs (including your brain) aren't receiving the nutrients they need to function properly. Poor circulation can cause issues like high blood pressure, muscle cramps, dizziness, blood clots, strokes, cardiovascular disease and numbness. It also puts a serious drag on athletic performance.

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