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Hello, new user here!

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Hello, new user here!


I'm very interested in what the future may hold, both socially and technologically


I've recently read Max Tegmark's "Life 3.0" and am currently reading Nick Bostrom's "Superintelligence"


I'm very interested in Simulation Theory, and actually believe we are all living in a computer simulation


I don't believe there will ever be flying cars though




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Welcome, Edward! :)


I haven't read Bostrom's book, but I read Life 3.0 and thought it was brilliant – the opening chapter in particular, and its depiction of the events leading up to a Singularity-type event.


Like you, I'm also interested in Simulation Theory and would put the odds at maybe 60-40 in favour of us being in some kind of simulation. All I can say is, it's one hell of a coincidence that we're living through such a pivotal moment in history, and I wonder if maybe it's some sort of "ancestor" recreation.



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I strongly recommend you guys read a mind-blowing book authored by Donald D. Hoffman, entitled "The case against reality: how evolution hid the truth from our eyes."


He argues that evolution favors those who don't seek the truth about objective reality. He called behaviors that help us survive long enough to pass on genes to offspring as "fitness payoffs" and how we evolved to become efficient "fitness payoff" achievers at the expense of being able to perceive reality for what it really is. He's saying that the classical perception of spacetime doesn't even begin to describe objective reality, but a mere user interface that's in front of us behind which where true reality lies. We are completely focused on that user interface in navigating reality rather than the circuits and the code that create the user interface itself.

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Welcome aboard the crazy train.



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Welcome to this forum! :)

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