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Donald Trump 2024?

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I don't forsee the republican party wanting to carry this fool anymore. they never expected that they would have to field this mess of a man-baby, but they took their guy and used him as much as they could. Next round out, I could see a Pence, run and succeed. But it really can't just be a trump look alike or sound alike. They trump fanatics are wound into a cult of personality. Trying to give them a knock off would backfire. You need a person who was in trumps corner and who was with him the whole way. You could maybe see a trump family member run, but again that's likely not the person the GOP wants to field.

So, why not give them the real thing for the third time in a row?


He can try running for 2024... only if he manages to stay out of jail. 



because they had to rewrite briefings to include his name so he would pay attention, he profitted off of secret services having to pay his resorts to stay there on his many trips, the number of times they had to say "he didn't mean it like that" after he said some crap that got them in hot water. the hissy fits he has when he doesn't get his way. and the conduct that has them firing and replacing so many other people around him. He's a frikkin work load to handle.


Pence would be a cake walk. He's smart enough not to get himself into some of the stupid situations, he wouldn't be so blatantly filling his pockets at the tax till. He has the mental capacity to see the value of a plan and not risk the whole thing by being clueless. He won't pick fights with little girls in climate debates on twitter. And he can speak in complete sentences with more than a 5th grade vocabulary, and is able to not bully and insult people who don't stroke his ego.

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I think it's quite possible Trump will try to run for President in 2024, but he won't get the Republican nomination. 

Blue Kumul

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Politicians born in the 1940s will be leaving the field, even if we manage to produce anti-ageing medications they are too old to rejuvenate. So this generation will finally go the way of the Lost, the GIs and the Silent. Good riddance, if you ask me. Most controversial and polarising politicians of the last 20 years have been born in the 40s.

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Generally, the presidential candidate who just lost the last election should not run in the next election because they would probably lose again. However, Donald Trump is an unusual politician so I am not sure what would happen.

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