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Scifi with a very personal story

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So I was thinking about an idea for a story I had, and I was wondering if I could get some other people's opinions. The idea is simple, about a person who wants to go into space. Though it is in a setting where faster than light travel is impossible so leaving Earth means leaving everyone behind and perhaps never returning and never seeing anyone they knew ever again. It would have themes of loss as well as explore transhuman ideals as they upgrade their body to better survive traveling through space.


My biggest question is, would people be interested in reading such stories? There is no crazy aliens or futuristic battles, no one is dying or being blown up. There is conflict though, it is just a very personal one, as you can suspect it would likely be hard for someone to leave Earth if they knew they would never return and never see any of the people they used to know ever again. And what would your friends and family think of it?




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I think people would be interested, the way they were interested in stories about journeys to "The New World" on board boats from centuries ago.  (Including, and especially, the human-interest story of leaving all they knew behind to start a new life.)




An interesting theory about why peoples in Nordic countries are more liberal / left, on average, is that the conservative / right peoples left to settle in places like the U.S.  It subtly altered the genetic makeup of the remaining population.  I don't know that I believe this theory, but it is interesting.


The personalities of the peoples settling faraway planets, and even Mars, will probably be even more at variance with the average on earth, than of the colonists that settled America.  

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