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Transhumanists now hated by millions due to how people perceive international organization's like world economic forum

Transhumanism World Economic Forum Globalism Luddite Futurists Culture Capitalism UN WHO EU

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Set and Meet Goals

Set and Meet Goals


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I discovered something called the "great reset" which I wont get political over but I must say for explanation purpose's its about influential people and organization's trying to remodel some aspects of the world.


There are many ideas similar to the great reset which cause similar reactions from people this is a good example I will use.


Naturally a lot of powerful people and organization's tied to the great reset are futurists because organization's prepare for the future and hyper successful business owners do as well not to mention the topic is about the future direction of the world.


The owner of the world economic forum himself "Klaus Schwab" talked about transhumanism in some German video (Transhumanism was in the title I don't understand German) and has written books on the 4th industrial revolution.



Millions (maybe hundreds of millions globally) have come up with theory's around the Great reset which claim its pure evil ect.

In fact these theory's are pushed by some mainstream media.


Go to any YouTube video with great reset and see the comments of what people say.



As Klas Scwab founded the world economic forum which started the idea of the great reset people have all these theory's about him being evil as well. I mean check out the YouTube comments on videos with his name in the title.


Naturally these people chasing Klas Scwab and world economic forum content are finding all these futurist concepts like the 4th industrial revolution then saying its all evil etc.. I am seeing comments specifically mentioning transhumanism as a evil agenda.


As mentioned above other ideas outside of the great reset made by influential people drive people to hate transhumanism.



I think I can now say with confidence there are at least a million people who hate transhumanism (even if they don't know the word to describe it).


If you don't buy what I am saying seriously look at the YouTube comment section in any world economic forum video or Klas Scwab video with a future focus. (obviously videos from many years ago will not be spotted by as many people as great reset is a new idea but the old videos are still receiving hate).


Now do note I am on nearly no sleep today so sorry for any statements worded badly etc. I do think my English today was good when compared to my well slept self  :D

Yuli Ban

Yuli Ban

    Born Again Singularitarian

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You're a bit late on that one. I've been looking at videos of transhumanism since roughly around 2010, and the comments then were the exact same: "Evil," "Antichrist," "Mark of the Beast," "Unnatural," "NWO agenda," "Sinister," etc. etc. etc. AboveTopSecret and PrisonPlanet had whole sections dedicated to the Microchip Agenda going back to the 2000s, and some web forums now defunct were talking about "elite trans-humanist experiments" in the 1990s. I can't even search YouTube for any videos on transhumanism without the feed being clogged by paranoid Christian conspiracists talking about the Transhumanist Agenda... so I stopped.


Five years ago.


The Great Reset as this season's hot new bullshit is just one of a long line of things. But this idea that transhumanism is only now being hated is completely ignorant of the history of it. Transhumanism has always been hated. The word is downright dirty in conspiracist circles to the point I've long stopped using it.



Indeed, if anything, it's great if transhumanism is getting a hundred times more exposure now because that just means it and the technologies it begets are moving out of a peripheral niche and into the mainstream where it's being scrutinized by every average Joe and Jane. I still remember my shock when the World Economic Forum first started talking about the Fourth Industrial Revolution because before then, it seemed like these very-serious business classes filled with very-serious people would treat such topics as pure childish science fiction, and as a result they had no bearings on the common man. But now the trends are so blatantly obvious that you have to be in denial to not see them.

And remember my friend, future events such as these will affect you in the future.



    Kronstadt sailors did nothing wrong!

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Well to be fair the Great Reset social media campaign did a wonderful job of advocating for a rentier economy which expectedly set off a lot of people. On this specific case transhumanism has been caught in the crossfire by association. Yuli's right though, the word's been a sandbag for a lot of internet personalities for years and even irl I've encountered resistance from many angles. Nevermind the right-wing conspiracy moguls the left-wing primitivists had a field day with ill thought out short quips of disapproval when the anarcho-transhumanists in my city started a left-wing transhumanist convention. Ironic, because a fair amount of the organizers were themselves former primitivists.




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Guess who will win: augmented transhumanists with greater physical and mental capacity, direct connection to the WWW or anti-transhumanists with only outdated biology + guns at their disposal?



    Saturn, the Bringer of Old Age

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That is what happens when you put the letters "ism" on the end of a cool idea: it generates mischaracterization, and fear, and hate.

Humanity's destiny is infinity

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