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Do you think there will be wars over how AGI is dealt with (or a lot of civil unrest)?

AGI war power resources politics economics future prediction culture civil war

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Set and Meet Goals

Set and Meet Goals


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Given conspiracy theories over things like masks and a already existing hatred towards transhumanists it feels likely that there will be immense tension over something as powerful as AGI.


Do you think there will be wars or civil unrest? maybe civil wars.


If controllers of AGI are a cohesive group rather then fighting each other and seem to have AGI on a beneficial path, I will probably side with these humans who want the singularity.


As AGI will rapidly become smarter then humans the AGI faction would basically have guaranteed victory after reaching a certain threshold of resources and power.




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It's important to remember that many different governments and corporations will get their hands on AGIs: even if the group that invents the first one keeps its code secret from everyone else, merely announcing that an AGI exists along with its basic principles of operation and the names of the lead scientists will impel separate teams to deduce what the code is by studying the publicly available research and the academic foci of the aforementioned scientists. By the same token, even if the Rosenberg spy network had not existed, the Soviet Union would have eventually built their own nuclear bomb independently. 


That means that, even if the first country or company to build an AGI mishandles it, the second will have a chance of their own, and then a third, and so on. 

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