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A Challenge to all geologists on earth

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Just read this 'article'. (OK, when I said read, I meant skimmed and looked at pictures.) http://www.nealadams.../challenge.html Just wondering what the bright people on this forum thought about this.



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Growing Earth hypothesis is a failure and Neal Adams is a troll. Ive debated and watched many debates by growing earth evangelists and its worse than debating a religious person. That article you linked was worded childlike and and ignores the evidence that has been put up against it time and time again. If the Earth was in fact growing we would detect it without remote sensing, our remote sensing actually reads the continents as shifting. Subduction zone are very real.

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haha well the earth is getting bigger due to the meteoroids, meteorites and the sun, so thats the stuff going in. going out is evaporation of lighter gases from our atmosphere due in part to solar winds. With this you can imagine how long it'd take for the earth to grow significantly. It is probably easy to confuse why the continents don't align, the combination of tectonic plates and ocean trenches can make certain areas of the earth appear larger and other parts appear smaller. What is happening is the plates emerge at some point, known as oceanic trench, and sink back into the earth's mantle at another point. The tectonic plates follow a similar pattern, some plates push into the surface, others sink back into the mantle. However, recent studies have determined that there is actually more plates pushing into the surface, but that is still minimal and may just be a result of the small time period of the study. That's actually not his theory anyway, it's been done before and put back onto the shelves, that is why you find it on websites like these and not in a scientific report. If he'd just do some study and stop making assumptions he'd figure out the answer in a few hours.

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