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1st Essay about the future

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This is an essay I wrote for a philosophy class I really enjoyed. It was philosophy so I had to include some philosophical topics so hope you all enjoy my vision of the future. This is almost a summary of the timeline. It is also the origin of my super awesome quote/signature on the forum http://www.futuretim...tyle_emoticons/animate/thumbup.gif

Technology is an amazing thing, but did you know that we are only at the bottom of the chain of technological advancements that will be created in the next century and many more centuries to come? When you first think of technology philosophy doesn’t really come to mind. It should! You make a conscious choice to use the technologies that you use every day. The companies that make their products are always looking for ways to help people use their products to make things easier. Texting and social networking are easy and simple to use because of their impact on our brains and ways of thinking. We are curious creatures and we want to know what everyone in our lives is up to. The buzzer in your cell phone, the red notification on Facebook, or the pop up email sends a signal to our mind to answer that notification right away. This however, is just a starting point. It is my strong belief that technologies will continue to advance at a super-fast, exponential rate for the next thousand years!

I will describe what could come after those thousand years at the end of this paper. However, there is no doubt that technology affects our philosophical behaviors more than we realize. YouTube brings us instant, sometimes desensitized, and stupid viral videos, Social networking is allowing us to do multiple tasks at one time. We can get access to information in just a snap, just about anywhere and anytime. What could possibly come next?

There is a certain group of people that believe in a movement called transhumanism. This is a belief that anything is achievable through technological advancements that will come within our lifetime. The transhumanists believe that the humans living on the planet today will be the last pure humans. That is, our generation will all have some type of computer in our bodies to help keep us alive. Furthermore, they believe that with technology, all of our dreams will be achieved, all questions about the world will be answered by computers, and eventually, the world will be run by computers. Because of my unbiased approach to religion and beliefs I do not deem these people crazy, I actually think it is rather fascinating and one of the most real beliefs one can have. It certainly is better than believing in a guy sitting on clouds with the ultimate judgment and your life in his hands.

I love reading science fiction books that may accurately predict the future. I love to analyze the current technology trends and try to think of what could be next. I personally believe that the transhumanists may be onto something with that strong belief in technology. Think about this: Every generation occult and magic becomes science and fact. We are getting better and better at solving problems and making things easier. Consider the following scenario part science fiction part science fact.

Some scientists in the computer science field believe that as the internet grows and robotics get smarter we will be able to use smart robots by 2040. These robots will be able to do chores for us. Meanwhile we will have more free time to enjoy life. Now, these robots may not be in human shape but a shape that will be suitable for whatever task they were built to do. Humanoid robots may not come until much later. The future of Robots may be determined by anti-robotic protesters and what I like to call Robot Lifers, those who want to give Robots human rights.

Memory chips are also getting smaller and currency is transforming into computer data. I believe that sometime in the future governments of the world may ban together to focus on creating a one world electronic currency, perhaps with China in the lead. A chip placed inside your thumb will help you scan any object you wish to purchase. However, thieves may focus on your thumb as the next pocketbook!

Smartphones and Tablet Computers will dominate the market for the next ten years before computers become internal. These computers will be able to access different avenues of the internet for a price and free 6G speeds from your local wireless provider will power the mobile internet. Many more mobile advertising companies and small businesses will only be operating via social networks and the tablet/smartphones app stores. With bendable screens and shapes, the computers will be ultra- portable, ultra- light and super powerful. The big companies like Microsoft and Apple will move away from physical CDs and desktop software programming.

Advancements in 3D technologies will continue to impress audiences worldwide and will continue to evolve off screen. That’s right; the next step in 3D is Holographic simulations much like those used in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Hollywood is already researching this technology with the US Army. Before that can come to pass however, many movie studios are refocusing their strategy when it comes to movie releases. It is pairing up with numerous television providers to let users choose if they want the movie to be instantly streamed to their TVs or mobile devices for a price. This new plan is scheduled to be commercially available by 2012. I think a holographic movie studio could come online within seven years.

Education and research will become incorporated with computers and technology. More and more majors will have a minor focus in technological applications that apply to whatever area of study is chosen. Many students will have the option of running their own companies instead of choosing the traditional route of college. If they are successful they will get their degree and get to keep running the company. This will train college kids with real life experience. Eventually, many teenagers, as they find it easier to make money online and start businesses online, will be able to apply for teen business credit cards and may choose to opt out of traditional education altogether. In fifty years it won’t be unrealistic to find a fourteen year old making a $50,000 salary. Computer Science and any major field devoted to computers will be considered the number one growing and respected field in the world!

Genetics and technology will continue to combine. Today, we only use genetics to keep ourselves alive, but as we dwell deeper into the genetic code we could essentially stop any and all diseases, including death! Once we find the genes of all our main diseases we can learn how to turn off specific genes and viruses. We could also create memory databanks that will help us maintain our memories if anything bad were to happen. We will be able to upload our brains into a type of network. Let’s say, you get shot and you die, well the Brain Network programmers will be able to erase those five minutes like it never happened. Eventually you will be able to live in the same body over and over again! You may have to purchase multiple bodies as insurance from Body Farms just in case yours gets damaged beyond repair. This technology may not be too far off, and it will essentially allow us to live forever. Immortality is something that the human race has been striving for ever since the beginning of time! With Body Farms you wouldn’t even need to use your own body in the future you could buy multiple ‘personalities.’

Nanotechnology will play a key role in the future as well and make our lives 1000X easier. Although we may not fully understand nanotechnologies today, there is a great amount of research being done and it all points to the future. The best practical use for nanotechnology as science fiction predicts is the use of a replicator. 3D Printers exist today, but they are crude and can only reproduce certain things. If we were to combine nanotech with 3D printers and a computer program that can manipulate the nanobytes than we could break the laws of work and labor forever! We could create our own tools and our own materials, we would not have to go to the stores anymore to purchase products made by others. One could even buy food from specific vendors. However, one may have to pay companies to use their brands or something… Other uses for nanotechnology are, that may not be realized yet, is internal applications. These tiny computers could enter the body to alert you of things to come such as notifications, work appointments, and to buy milk at the store. Will Apple use Nanotechnology in future for mobile applications?

It is no doubt that cars are getting smarter and more technologically friendly. In the future, they will be able to drive themselves, talk to other cars via GPS technology and the Car Network. Google is working on driverless cars while Microsoft and Toyota are working on a type of connected car network. Kids will soon be able to get a permit at age 14 as the smart roads become mainstream tech. Cars will also run on various methods such as old time gasoline, electricity, hydrogen and various combinations of the two. And yes, in the next hundred years we will see different methods for fueling these vehicles. Also Hover cars may eventually become practical as a speedier mode of transportation late in this century.

With these advanced changes in technology that are bound to happen within the next hundred years could we see the formation of a possible one-world government? As the Robots get smarter they will learn our politics, our customs, and our beliefs. Could the US government build a basic political robot to help make tough decisions? The DOD already has a couple of quantum computers making thousands of scenarios per second. IBM recently showed off the smartest super-computer Watson on the game show Jeopardy, which is now being used in the health industry to help doctors understand medical jargon better. And Robotic drones are slowly taking place of US soldiers. China is another concern when talking about the future. The US government predicts that China will take the lead of the economy by 2016. China will become the world power by 2020. How will this help shape the world and its advancement? Does China want a one-world utopian government as it had in Ancient China?

With these new technologies there come more problems. Resources will continue to dwindle before the replicators are perfected and I believe another war will form in Asia and the Middle East that will deal with this problem. The Western world will stay out of this one as we try to rebuild our society after the onslaught of the recession and the war on terror. The population over there will be cut down drastically until a type of replication device can be created. Places like Antarctica and the Sahara desert will become booming meccas. As we begin to see the effects of climate change affect our planet many places near the coastlines will become deserted and people will either move inland or migrate to the new cities. Now, technologies such subterranean housing and
floating cities could help ease this process, once we start to head into the 22nd century.

I believe in about hundred years we may have a thriving colony on the Moon and may be preparing for a Martian base area as well. Private space tourism companies will be king of Space travel and space real estate will boost the 22nd century world economy. However, disputes that are finally being taken care of, here on Earth will just be beginning out in Space. Russia and America along with China and others may fight for ownership of the Moon and its resources.
Before I get too much into space travel I want to talk about new technologies that we deem as superpowers today. Computer will become brain controlled devices. Today, we see a large underground community devoted to gesture based technology and its impact. These technologies will soon migrate onto the commercial market and soon the keyboard and mouse will disappear from existence. We will be able to buy certain super human abilities such as intelligence or laser eyes in the body farms. Facebook will continue to keep a detailed record of your existence as you upload your dead relatives or attach cameras to your bodies to show your friends “reality.”

Religion may become illegal as more and more information spreads quickly through the internet people will soon place faith in the machines instead of God. Various God studies will take place in physics and may ultimately find ‘no conclusive evidence.’ As people realize that the Bible and other holy works is not fact and all the mythology becomes jumbled we may evolve beyond myths and legends. We could create a new faith purely based on science fact and technology! These religious taboos must disappear before we can truly evolve into the next level. Of course, religious people will continue to protest and be labeled terrorists of the world.

As Robotic influences increase well into the next centuries, they may develop new ways of dealing with old world politics. Humans will be submerged in virtual reality life like simulations and will have no way of knowing what the robots are doing. If they were to wake up from these simulations they will find the world greatly changed. The Robots would take over pretty much all politics and their ways of dealing with problems will be so confusing to a human we would simply cringe at the thought of trying to figure it out that we would hide back into our video games.

The Robots and some specific human androids will be able to increase technological advances while the majority of the world plays video games. These
groups will be able to solve problems like teleportation, invisibility shields, crop replication, the ozone layer, and weather control. Pure humans will become a second class citizen!

While all this is happening down on Earth the Solar Union emerges next to the Global Community on the world stage. The Space resource wars have subsided and replicators are now working properly in Space. The Moon base and Martian world will soon talk about scientific applications to make an atmosphere on both of those worlds.

Near the 25th century I believe we will see a type of scientific awakening much as we saw in the renaissance era. Humans will emerge from the virtual reality, remember this is still our generation but the computers have kept our bodies alive. We will soon realize we don’t need the robots to do everything for us anymore. We will destroy the Robotic system. With genetic manipulation we can pretty much tell the robots to shut themselves off. During this time a new application called a Time Viewer could be created fueling our quest for information evermore. You never really witnessed an event in history before unless you are there to witness it yourself. The Robots were working on this technology and humans figured out how to use it. Now, that we can pretty much see any event in history a lot of questions about our past are answered. Some important events were lost in History. Some of the events we thought were correct were so far from the truth of what actually happened. This awakening is heightened by the discovery of the robots’ space travels which has made it outside of the galaxy and interactive maps show possible signs of planets with Earth-like atmospheres. Because of the Time Viewers we are able to see how evil humanity really was and how lucky we were to have survived. Time Viewing rooms are placed in major museums that house art, literature and music again! It is slowly being realized that a utopian society here on Earth is becoming a reality!

Ultimately these technologies advance with wormhole and physical applications but after some problems of affecting the space-time continuum further research was halted. In the coming years we see the next war as the first Martian settlers do not want to leave their home world or have it changed by technological applications to give it a new life. We also see advancements being made to improve space travel with wormhole technologies while the remaining robots explore the Andromeda Galaxy.

On Earth a new form of technology is being tested, Soul Travel. New age theorists believed that they can travel using their mind even in the early 21st century. Near the end of the 28th century I believe that some humans may begin to have the ability to control their soul outside of their bodies using, unknown and undiscovered technologies. While this is being accomplished scientists are using the old internet band waves to create an “Earth Internet.” Those who do not embrace soul travel can plug themselves into the world very much like in James Cameron’s Avatar. This new world wide web will share resources and data streams with all things on the Earth.

By the end of the next century, thanks to soul travel, people are discovering new dimensions and ways of life that could never have been imagined by the old video game simulation creators of long ago. The world elects to create a new dimensional space for Earth in the Dimensional Community. A new home world and space are created for Robots, humans, and sentient beings alike!

In the year 10,000 AD however, this new space is dying. Something is leaking and our future sentient society knows exactly what we need to fix it. An as of yet, undiscovered property in the basic element Gold can fix the problem. We find a planet deep inside the Milky Way with an atmosphere and an abundant of Gold. We create a stupider version of ourselves to help mine the element. A cycle reverses! We become the Gods.

Can you see how technology can answer every question we have ever had? In my scenario you can see how technology can help advance the human race and ultimately become omnipotent. I am not certain it will happen. Nobody is. But, it is interesting to piece together everything I have learned and analyzed in technology and combine that with a lot of science fiction. But remember, what once was science fiction is now science fact!
"Did you really expect some utopian fantasy to rise from the ashes?" Thomas Zarek-- Battlestar Galactica.

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