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Roadmap to immortality

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Fascinating PDF on current and future paths to immortality.  Please enjoy and critique.



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I agree it's quite fascinating.


My only critique is that the developments aren't pegged to specific dates and they also aren't backed by references to actual research being done.

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^ The dates are represented by the rings around the "immortality" center, so each specific technology fits within a 5-year estimation.  You're right about the lack of references, though.  Maybe they should develop a webpage version where each prediction is a citation link.


My criticism is on the "reducing the exogenous causes of death" arm.  There are several dubious predictions in that one, for example: "murder-free countries" by 2025-2030 and "disarmament with the aim of complete demilitarization" by 2035.  As Raklian pointed out, there's no references, so we have no idea what developments would lead to these bold predictions.

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It looks like it's more projection of ideas based on a linear model (and I mean that in the sense of one thing following another not as a comparison to exponential growth).


Each prediction seems to be primarrily based on 'because that's the next step, and not because of any cross pollination of up coming enabling tech.


I will say that they do seem to grasp accelerating returns rather well. In some sense better than I do, mainly because I often find myself thinking in terms of decades for things because that's the experience I'm used to, but things are getting faster which enables them to get faster still.


But at the same time I think some of it is likely more about when the first partially successful lab experiment will happen in these feilds and not when will these be available to us.

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