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Electronic Drugs the future?

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Hi all, you may have heard of digital or electronic drugs like idoser and apps like it that claim to get you high or in a medative state, but it don't stop there, have you ever heard of tms or tdcs which is magnetic brain stimulation, that is known to cure depression, stress, addictions and chronic pain or help improve memory. They are devices that you put to your head and they zap you with a light current that alters consciousness and do all sorts of good things. In the future you will able to buy head gear that you put on your head and connect to your computer and use software that creates highs like ecstacy, cannabis or any drug you desire without the use of substances or waste money on them. I was also thinking there will be devices to combine with music to create new emotions in your music like neuro music or something like that! Watch dr Russell Newcombe with his legal high talk on YouTube and he briefly talks about electronic drugs and devices and reckons they are 2 years away from becoming in mainstream market. Some devices do exist like a shakti or the god helmet that claim to give you spiritual highs! What do you think guys to this? Cheers Mark

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