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Hancock will super humans be anything like that one day? Watch the Videos

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If a formula was made like in the heroes TV series people would abuse it and the world would go to chaos. But people flying around would sure be fun at first.

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People have seriously thought about it and even claimed we are more probably living in a simulation than not.


It doesn't sit well with me though.  The science isn't clear enough for me and besides that I don't like to think that I'm just an AI.  That means we could be turned off at any time.

 Maybe you are turned off every day and don't notice it because time is relative. Just like the idea that the guy on a platform sees a guy on a train moving by, and the guy on the train thinks he's sitting still and the guy on the platform moves by. You don't feel a change in time passage because your sense are within that timeframe but somebody outside of this simulation sees your program running... turns it all off right now. and then a week later starts the program again with you picking up right where you left off with no knowledge of a time gap between because it's outside your frame of referance, just like you can't see a fourth dimensional objects entire shape with your eyes.


on the idea of powers... I think it's more likely that in the real world we're not likely to see hancock style abilities. The movie Push is one that I just watched that does a better job at looking at how to power up a story with things we once thought, and occasionally still do, are within the realm of possible for amazing abilities. But until the time comes where we can become a brain case in a swarm of nanites or live in holographic reality we are unlikely to see much of anything.


Let me rephrase that, we won't see comic book or movie style things. I'm a strong believer that all of us have some talent or other that most of the people around us don't have and if we train and developed those talents we could amaze people with them and make a real difference in the world around us. But they aren't hollywood flash and bang. Nobody notices the talent of the person who recognises the signs of child abuse and drops an annonomous call to the authorities that end up putting the child in a foster home. Or that friend who knows the right thing to say to shake somebody out of the mind frame to hurt themselves, even if nobody knows that's what they were thinking of doing.


it's a more subtle power we all have.

Well I don't really mind that and I did consider it, what I do mind is being turned off and forgotten about forever. Today computers aren't used for more than a few years.  Which with more powerful computers we could be in a simulation and run for trillions of trillions of years in only a fraction of that time in "real" life, or the next level up in nested simulations.  Each nest you go up would also loose power.  The simulations running at the top would live longer and they would have more resources, so a bigger universe.


We have no idea the clockspeed we are running on or how long on average a simulation would run in the future.  They could run something for hundreds of years, or millions but it seems logical that a computer would eventually be turned off forever at some point.  That scares anyone who considers simulation being our reality. 


There is hope though, in a semi-religious way the people running the simulation may be transferring us into bodies after death.  We my have built this simulation to escape a hellish reality.  We could be living in a simulation and based off of our actions in life be assigned to a certain position in the "real" world.


I could go on forever about what the consequences of living in a simulation could mean.

Hey.  Stop reading.  The post is over.

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