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Monthly Roundup #2

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After the initial ‘rush’ of the first few weeks after opening the doors to the new forum and registering users from the old forum, registration and posting rates have settled into a more ‘natural’ pace now but will hopefully build month on month from now on.

In June;

42 users have registered

145 topics have been created

951 posts have been made

Some interesting discussions in June;

A non-religious future??
by jjf3
Preservation of cultural heritage in modern times
by Nom du Clavier
Digital Ascension = Suicide?
by Caiman
Time Travel
by Time Traveller
Eliminating disability
by Caiman
The next world war
by jjf3
Climate Change
by Nom du Clavier
Is a technological singularity inevitable?
by Caiman
The Psychological effects of VR
by Mr. Carmichael
US election 2012: Michele Bachmann joins race
by Time Traveller

The following pages on the main website have also been added/updated in June;

2005 - The Deep Impact probe collides its impactor with comet 9P/Tempel
2005 - USB flash drives replace floppy disks
2004 - The first recorded hurricane in the South Atlantic
The emergence of Web 2.0
2003 - China launches its first manned space mission
Apple launches the iPod
2002 – The world’s first cyborg
Updated and renamed the section on crude oil to give a brief mention of the new peak reported recently, as well as the Middle East uprisings.
Edited 2020-2035 - World Energy Crisis
2000 – Vladimir Putin is elected President of Russia
Euro 2000 is hosted by Belgium and the Netherlands
2001 – Space Station Mir is de-orbited
2016 – Completion of the i5K project
2050 – Major advances in Air Travel Comfort
Transport & Infrastructure > Solar Hybrid Vessels
2017 – Worsening Crisis in Yemen
2040 – Tobacco has been largely eradicated
Computers and the Internet > Supercomputers
Added a video of Windows 8
2012 – Nintendo launches the Wii 2


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