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2012-2015 economic predictions

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I agree partially with your post. In Western Europe, the benefits and taxes are much larger than in America. However, Europe has massive debt, heck all 'countries with high standard of living are in massive debt save Canada, Japan, and South Korea.


Canada doesn't really have a problem yet due to their oil and partial government ownership of oil companies with high (oil)taxes. This means the Canadian government makes money through the oil taxes and gets a certian cut in profits of most oil companies since they bought the stock.

Japan and South Korea are advanced due to cultural differences and highly nationalistic attitude towards their economy. This means they produce GOOD electronoics and only buy SOUTH KOREAN or JAPANESE goods.

Not suprisingly, countries with lower debt have a better economic growth rate.


Borrowing for 'the good of the people', hurts the people more!

And you got angry at me when I used wikipedia....

Quote me. I didn't it wasn't me lol.

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It's 2017, so enough time has passed to allow us to see just what has actually happened and what hasn't.


American growth = sluggish indeed, but not crawling. In fact, it never stopped growing. It still hasn't. I'm not sure how much longer this can keep on going, but everything's still doing relatively fine. We've even upped our estimates for Q1 2017 growths from 0.9% to 1.7%.


Chinese growth = slowed down, but only buckled once in 2015. It's now hovering at around 6.9% growth with that number threatening to rise despite the desperate pleas of Western economists. I don't think people quite understand why China's still growing despite 30 years of fearmongering.


UK growth = monkey wrench thrown in that one thanks to Brexit, which was inconceivable as of the time of the most recent post in this thread (a full 6 years ago).  What's sad is that the UK's economy was growing pretty decently before Brexit. In 2014, it was growing at around 3.2%. There were definitely warning signs as we approached 2015, but for the most part, things were looking pretty good.


Indian growth = Racing ahead, overtaking China to become the world's fastest growing economy thanks to various events between 2012 to 2016. The demonetization efforts were definitely not one of them; indeed, all that's done has slowed growth. Not destroy it, just slow it.

And remember my friend, future events such as these will affect you in the future.

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