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Future Energy

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What do you guys think will be the future of energy / resource harvesting? Post-Fusion ofcourse! And what would you use them for?


For all of those who thought resources in space were infinite…


A gamma ray burst is the most powerful source of energy in the universe, producing as more energy in a couple of milli seconds as our sun will in its 10 BILLION year life time. Some burst are so powerful that in a few seconds they produce a 1000x the energy that the sun will in its 10 billion year life time (to put it in to context, that’s 1000 times the energy of the sun in .00000000000000000317 seconds. wrap your head around that!. They're so rare infact that one hasn't occured in our milky way yet, although they tend to happen very far away (hence when the universe was younger). GRB’s often occur when black holes or neutron stars collide. So they’re basically like fucking the universe up the ass with a sharp broom stick.


If a civilization had the technology to harness it they may be able to probe unknowns beyond our comprehension. A gamma ray burst makes the planck energy look like childs play, at a whopping average of 10^45 joules per GRB, (5.1124 x 10^35 TIMES the PLANCK ENERGY!!!), the most powerful ones can produce almost as much energy as the entire universe in a matter of seconds. You can literally tear a portion of the universe asunder, if you were able to control it ofcourse. Perhaps you could do something as crazy as destroying a black hole apart. Fight fire with fire right? (in this case you’d be fighting a deformity of space time due to gravity with another deformity of space time due to energy )


As I said the source of many of them is very far away, with the farthest being 13 billion lightyears away. Ofcourse meaning that they occurred when the universe was fairly young, and the only way to get your hands on one would be to somehow travel a great distance. But perhaps for a great reward.  


Apart from GRB’s, Quasars also produce a massive amount of energy, and could be used as an ultimate energy source. They produce as much energy (or more) than a galaxy but are much smaller and younger


As you can probably imagine, harnessing GRB’s and Quasars would shoot you to atleast a level 3, possibly even a level 4 of the kardashev scale, harnessing the power of super-galactic clusters at ease, along with whatever other means you use to harness energy. The only step possible of taking from there is to the hypothetical type 5, which is literally infinite energy. Ofcourse you have to take entropy and waste dispoal into consideration when you talk about this stuff, because if you used the entire energy of the galaxy or universe regularly, you’d negatively influence it on a universal scale for your benefit (similar to us with the earth). Some would say that’s immoral (including me!)


What do you guys think could be done with this technology? And how will they be captured and at what time period? Also what do you think will be future energy / resource sources of the far future. Be imaginative. Even with the immense size of the universe, there’s still some not-so-common stuff out there!!! Dark stars, Quasars, supermassive black holes, GRBs, neutron stars, degenerate, anti, and exotic matter. How would these play out in the politics of the future?

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I think harnessing the energy from positively charged and negatively charged energy collisions sounds interesting. It'd be a much smaller scale than harnessing the energy from GRBs.


Hmm. Perhaps in the future there could be some kind of technology that produces GRBs. Then we wouldn't have to go so far away to find them.




So they’re basically like fucking the universe up the ass with a sharp broom stick.

The picture in my mind was... just what.

ARADIA: i think i mostly want to see what happens when this whole place breaks apart




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Maybe gamma ray bursts seem rare to us because advanced alien civilizations ARE harnessing the power of such bursts, and so efficiently that no energy escapes. Imagine a megastructure like a special Dyson Sphere built around a black hole that is about to collide with a neutron star. 


Note: I admit it's unlikely this is happening. 

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