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Surviving the 21st century

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An Illustrated Guide to the Science of Global Warming Impacts:
How We Know Inaction Is the Gravest Threat Humanity Faces




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Will, I'm with you, and I enjoyed the article, but if we're going to criticize the deniers for posting links to biased sources we can't retaliate with posts from Think Progress, correct though they may be...

All we can do is point to the consensus among climate researchers worldwide, the data that they've used to reach that consensus, the demonstrated correlation between carbon dioxide (and other man-made byproducts of industrialization) and overall warming, the predictions that are starting to come true regarding regions that are drying out or warming, the increasing number of hurricanes, etc...

It is certain that greenhouse gases are real, and that humanity has been emitting them into the air, and there is a correlation between carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere and warming historically. It is also certain that solar variations have an impact on climate change. Where we differ is that you and I believe as the vast majority of scientists do that man-made emissions will cause more change in the coming century than solar variations, and our friends on the other side believe that man-made emissions will have a negligible effect relative to solar variations.
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Lets continue the debate here....

What is true, just, and beautiful is not determined by popular vote. The masses everywhere are ignorant, short-sighted, motivated by envy, and easy to fool. Democratic politicians must appeal to these masses in order to be elected. Whoever is the best demagogue will win. Almost by necessity, then, democracy will lead to the perversion of truth, justice and beauty. -Hans Hermann Hoppe

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