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What would you like to see developed within the next two decades?

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Yuli Ban

Yuli Ban

    Born Again Singularitarian

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Let's see...


Virtual Reality MMORPGs/open world games

VR Lucid dreaming, so that you can enter VRs when you sleep (should you be, for some reason, incapable of entering during the waking hours)

Early model of artificial intelligence

Fusion reactor (early version)

UFO-like magnetic-resonance levitation vehicle

World's first "true" transhuman

3D Printers become household items

Molecular Nanotech breakthrough

Household robot servants for sale (I'll accept that the rich get these first... this one time)

Transhumanistic implants 

Electronic paper

Self-programming video games

Brain-computer interface technology

Weirdtech (plasma that can phase through walls, etc.)

Driverless cars

Electric cars

Solar powered cars

Solar power/artificial photosynthesis hybrid tech (can end hunger!)

The world's first robot-only band

The cure to several diseases, hopefully to diabetes and some cancers

Totally wireless tech

VR recreations of historical events

A petabyte storage iPod

A software where you use your thoughts to write/draw/animate exactly what you're trying to envision

Hoverboards. Where's my goddamn hoverboards?! Oh wait, that's right... We actually already have them, but they're so bulky and not as cool...

Jetpack... wait, we have these too. Dammit! We're so futuristic.

A virtual reality olympics

Me becoming rich and famous

Internet 3.5, where you use virtual reality to literally surf the web

Ok, maybe not seriously for those who are surfing-challenged (This guy) but VR definitely

Using robots to bring manga to real life. *Arms folded*

Keyboards becoming obsolete and close to extinct

All video games ever made entering the cloud to be played in VR. San Andreas, I swear to my Digital God, I am playing you in VR someday. With the same graphics as when it was released, or it just wouldn't be the same.

Link between Alaska and Russia

Antarctic geo-dome colony

Someone setting up a microbase on the moon

Underground cities

Car-free cities

Artificial ghosts (wait, I think this might be "Weirdtech")

Suicide Booths


Planet Express

The Beatles II (Holograms)

On that note, true holograms

An evil transhuman bent on destroying a city

A superhero transhuman bent on stopping him

The two clashing in an epic battle, all caught on camera

Fully cybernetic limbs, with built in apps like watches, 3D printers, television, and can expand, move in odd dir...

Laser guns

Plasma guns

Electric guns

Guns that can shoot through solid walls (gamma ray guns?)

A new space station

Robot Jesus

Google Glasses 12.0, so advanced, you can see across spectrums of light and through walls and shoot las...

Google Ears 6.5, so advanced, it doesn't only restore hearing, it expands it and allows to you to hear acr...

Gene therapy

Stem cell therapy

Bio-print organs and organ systems

Batteries, recharged in seconds, last for years


Doctor Robot (not 'nik') 

Customizable walls

Skyscraper farms and factories

Respirocyte tech

Piezoelectric energy harvesting

Nanobot clothes


Nanobot clouds

Converting pollution gases into oxygen

Hydrogen powered cars

Jet bikes

3D Printed Food

Cold fusion deemed possible

Carbon nanofibre

Hygiene advancements

RAPID hygiene advancements...

Mesh between augmented reality and virtual reality (don't ask me what it is, just go with it, and it's like schizophrenia but on purpose... like augmented reality?)

Artificial lifeforms

The world's first truly dystopian nation, just so we can get some real life cyberpunk going on

All movie and TV programmes- with each and every episode, special, behind the scenes, recorded concert etc.- ever  being available on the Internet (without having to rummage through endless piles of crap just to find a 240p 4-minute clip of what you were looking for having been deleted months ago)

Mind-controlled music. Similar to that writing/drawing/animation software from above

Jet-magnetic powered skates

Graffiti that can destroy helicopters

Items that are invisible to all spectrums of light

Artificial black holes

Tech that, when ingested, releases all necessary components for life and satisfies hunger for weeks on end, eliminating need for food or excrement

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And remember my friend, future events such as these will affect you in the future.




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^Isn't dystopia what we want to avoid?

Yuli Ban

Yuli Ban

    Born Again Singularitarian

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  • LocationNew Orleans, LA

Maybe, maybe not. Perhaps we might enjoy dystopias, endorse it, spread into space and expand our dystopian vision. After all, the corporations are your friends and look out for your and my best interests! I am glad to be a proud citizen of the Corporate States Of Earth!

#brainchip installed #personality reprogrammed 

~NSA: Making Your World A Better Place!

And remember my friend, future events such as these will affect you in the future.




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cure for cancer, hiv and other incurable diseases.

“Philosophy is a pretty toy if one indulges in it with moderation at the right time of life. But if one pursues it further than one should, it is absolute ruin." - Callicles to Socrates

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