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What will future spacesuits look like?

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As humanity enters its interstellar age we will inevitably have to reveal ourselves to other species, my question is what will we wear when meeting them? High tech space suits or uniforms over high tech bodies?




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I'd like to see it as thick as clothes with total flexibility.




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depends on the situation. If meeting in a corn field in Montana then I'd say formal attire would be appropriate. In the vacuum of space, I imagine something like the next gen suit prototypes where it's a insulated wet suit with a weave of reinforcment straps at flexible points mixed with hard plate exoskeleton like parts similar to sections of knights armor. It might actually be similar to the space suits used in some of the star trek movies... not the reboot trek ones. Posted Image


if meeting on a ship or station and atmosphere is the same for both sides, formal attire. If atmosphere needs differ and it's our ship then formal attire through an airlock with thick glass viewing window. If on their ship/station some variation of our the above space suit adjusted for atmosphere of whatever type they have.


really the biggest areas of needed change in a suit are feild of visibility by turniing head, full range of motion with arms, avoiding the michilin man balloon arms problem with pressure variance between inside and outside, and manual dexterity with inflatable gloves on.


so helmet and arms are the big spots of need. The Next gen suits are also addressing torso flex and leg agility in similar ways.

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We may not even need them. 

Brohanne Jahms

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Larvae are already using nanosuits to survive in a vacuum.

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