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Who Has the Most Impressive Resume?

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Which TV character has the most impressive resume? Employment: Homer has held 188 jobs in 400 episodes! Technical Supervisor, Sector 7G Safety Inspector, Sector 7G current position, with lapses Executive with bathroom privileges and an assistant, Karl Executive Assistant/aka Smithers Executive Vice-President Owner Plant Supervisor/Executive Globex Corp., Cypress Creek Junior Vice-President CompuGlobalHyperMegaNet Owner ZiffCorp Petty Officer Third Class, Naval Reserve USS Jebediah Mayoral bodyguard Mayor New Springfield Sanitation Commissioner Guard Springfield Juvenile Correctional Facility Chief of Police Owner, private security firm SpringShield Telemarketer Happy Dude/Sorry Dude Carnival worker/Carny Con artist/Grifter Bartender Moe's Tavern Bartender Homer's Hunting Club Bootlegger/Beer-Baron Sugar smuggler Motherloving Sugar Corp. Sugar salesman Farmer Homer's Sweet Sweet Sugar Farmer ToMacco salesman Traveling salesman Simpson & Son, Revitalizing Tonic Grease collections/sales Door-to-door spring salesman Door-to-door knife salesman Slash-Co. Candle maker Ye Olde Candlemaker, Olde Springfield Towne Attack-dog trainer Pitiless Pup Attack Dog School Service Trainee Gulp 'n' Blow Drive-thru Inventor eg. automatic hammer, 6-legged chair, lazy-bowl Oil-rig worker Astronaut NASA Celebrity assistant Basinger/Baldwin Sports club owner Denver Broncos Sports mascot Springfield Isotopes Boxer Association of Springfield Semi-Pro Boxers Mountain climber Murderhorn League bowler Pin-Pals Bowling alley assistant/Pin monkey Bowl-o-rama Mini-golf assistant Sir Putts-A-Lot Blackjack dealer Monty's Casino Convenience store night-clerk Kwik-E-Mart Missionary Safety protester Baby proofer Wee Care Union Boss Intl. Union of Pastry Chefs, Jazz Dancers, and Nuclear Technicians Car designer Powell Motors Used Car salesman Chauffeur/Limo driver Classy Joe's Truck Driver/Trucker Snowplow proprietor and driver Mr. Plow Freelance ambulance driver Monorail conductor Actor SAG name, "Homer Jay Simpson" Talk Show Host Homer Simpson Show Cartoon voice Poochie Drug Spokesman Viagrogain Instructor, "How to keep a successful marriage" Adult Education Annex Fortune Cookie fortune-writer Food critic Springfield Shopper Movie Producer Mr. Smith Goes To Washington remake Entertainment manager - Animal Suds McDuff Entertainment manager - Country/Western artist Lurleen Lumpkin Musician Be Sharps Musician Everybody Hates Ned Flanders Street musician one-man-band Performance artist/Freak Hullapalooza Authorized Krusty impersonator Personal entertainer/Prank monkey Conceptual artist Louvre: American Style Mall Santa Claus Superhero the Pie Man Mr. X Internet watchdog Education Springfield University No special awards or participations Clown College Excelled in squirting flower Bodyguard School Protected the mayor Exposed mayor's corruption Successmanship 101 Purchased a 'self-help' book for hundreds of dollars Mandatory Family Skills courses Earned his children back Awards and Honors High School Reunion Honors Most Weight Gained Most Hair Lost Most Improved Odor Oldest Car Lowest Paying Job Traveling the Least Distance to get to the Reunion Grammy Award for Outstanding Soul, Spoken Word, or Barbershop Album of the Year, 1985 Springfield Nuclear Power Plant Toxic Waste Handler of the Month, 1990 Springfield Nuclear Power Plant Employee of the Month, 1991 after saving Springfield from a nuclear meltdown First Annual Montgomery Burns Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence, 1992 Springfield Nuclear Power Plant Medal for Bravery, 1995 after physically plugging a radioactive gas leak Springfield Nuclear Power Plant Belching Contest Winner, 1995 Springfield Bowling Championship, 1996 Springfield Nuclear Power Plant Children's Model-Building Contest, 1997 Greaser's Café Dance Contest, 1999 Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor P.J. O'Harrigan's "Sir Drinks-A-Lot," 1999 Springfield Olympic Mascot Contest,1999 Pulitzer Prize for Journalism, 2000 Can any Fictional TV character top this?
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Me. Look at my trophies with the backdrop of eternal hellfire

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