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Slingatron Kickstarter

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The Slingatron is a means of launching objects into space at a much lower cost. Check it out.






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I think if they were building the large one to shoot stuff into space, people would  be all over it. Though I guess that might be a massive project and cost to much.




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mechanical space launch has some value, but it's limitations on what can go put it on par with the idea of a rail gun to orbit. I wish them luck and as a means of supply runs or stocking colonies it would be worth a go.


I could see decreasing the payloads on ground to space crafts with people to bare bones needs. and launching food and water and such into orbit with this and having tow craft catch and haul in supplies. start firing them a t the moon (which could also work as a means of attitude adjustments on station drift) before we even have a colony to use them, so that by the time there is a base there will be a large supply of materials on hand.

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