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Sea Level Rise Less from Greenland, More from Antarctica, Than Expected During Last Interglacial

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During the last prolonged warm spell on Earth, the oceans were at least four meters -- and possibly as much as 6.5 meters, or about 20 feet -- higher than they are now.

From http://www.scienceda...10728144727.htm

Never knew that, What do members think?

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well not sure it's really much of a revelation. The fact that the earths temperature rising melts ice, causing sea levels to rise is a pretty basic science fact and one of the fundamental concepts of global warming. Any warmer period in history will have higher sea levels and any colder period will have more ice and lower sea levels.



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Exactly what I am trying to say. We are not doing anything unprecidented right now. I am currently releasing a paper that shows a slow gradual 'non-hockey stick shape' graph during my reconstructions. The Earth is warming just not the rate what the IPCC and various AGW organazatons are speculating on.

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