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Kickstarter projects

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Neuro headset



Headset without speakers:



Large 3D printer:




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Things are moving really fast, for sure!


I can't imagine the speed of innovation in just five years.

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I've been thinking about doing some kick starter projects myself. Most won't be particularly tech or science based or have much futurism appeal.


The most futurist one would be bachelor chow, or whatever I choose to call it. Like having a bag of pretzels that you can nibble all day and would give your body the nutrition it needs. Could be useful for getting a food supply to under malnurished regions, the sick, or for just the too busy to make a meal people. If done right I can make it such that the calorie content is a good pace below the dietary needs so that nutrients are all recieved but a person could practice calorie restriction diets or use it as a weight loss system for health. Or if your diet is heavy on food that are high calorie but low nutrition this could be used to balance it out.


I'm also thinking of making a playable game that teaches molecular sciences and biology as games, built for gesture interface and 3d, with printable options maybe.


maybe a book on some of the topics of what the future holds and how we can get there.


and then too maybe the little pipe dream I had of what I call the transhumanist orchestra. People with disabilities and augmentation that lets them circumvent the disabilities, playing modern reworkings of rare and unusual instraments to produce music with a strangely retro and yet new style of music, accompanied by hospitalized children dancers using gaming systems and hologram projection to perform for others when their health and bodies won't let them do so. But this idea is still some ways out. There are a lot more steps between here and there.


The rest are things like a cook book for foods, and a companion 'cook book' for making your own artistic materials. A card game. Graphic novel, watch design, maker space and a few inventions. oh and maybe some artistic ventures.


I've been going over my list of ideas the last few days and trying to organize them in the best order. Then building up a summary of the projects, and fleshing them out into templates for building a campaign behind. eventually I'll make a script for the whole processes of each, from start to finish. I will launch one and gain som experience and insight to the process, and adjust accordingly for future ones.

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