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What's the future of alternative medicine in this century?

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Italian Ufo

Italian Ufo


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Acupuncture, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Herbs, Phytotherapy, light therapy,

 will still be existing in 2080 ? for how long they will be practiced still? we will they be combine with modern therapies?

we will discover if they were scam/placebo or if they had some real effects?





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I think it will mostly fade out in favor of the much more useful nanomedicine. 



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Speaking for homeopathy only. From IBIS World: “The aging population and struggling US economy have fostered mounting interest in homeopathic healing methods. This trend has spurred growth in the Homeopaths industry, with double-digit sales growth in recent years. Although significant concerns continue to exist about the legitimacy and efficacy of homeopathy 200 years after its development, a slowly growing percentage of the population is turning to industry providers for healthcare. During the five years to 2012, IBISWorld estimates that the percentage of the US adult population that uses homeopathy has increased. In the five years to 2017, the industry will continue to grow thanks to these trends.”


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alternative medicines will exist as long as there are things that traditional medical care can't or won't do. If you can't afford a treatment but somebody swears that sleeping on a bed of silver nails will help, you'll do it, and between the posative feeling of doing something and placebo effect you may actually relize some benefit.


likewise is there is no cure for your condition and no drugs that relieve symptoms you may go to gargle horse urine in the off chance it will fix you or at least prevent you from getting worse.

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