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Future fiction book thread

Science Fiction Sci-Fi SF Future

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Moon, Mars, Asteroid and orbital colonzation and cities


Andy Weir wrote the Martian. His new book is about a lunar colony of 2000 people late in the 21st century.

He looked at the science and economics of a lunar colony.

Eighty-five percent of the rocks on the surface of the lunar highlands are anorthite, which contains aluminum as well as a massive supply of oxygen. Smelting aluminum in the quantities necessary to construct and maintain Artemis would produce so much excess oxygen—eight atoms for every two of aluminum—that they would be constantly venting it.


Ooooh! Andy Wier has a new book! *fanboys*




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If you guys ever get tired of the classic long ass novels by our favorite already-famous authors, check out this subreddit library I found. It contains thousands of the most underrated sci-fi short stories you'll ever know. You can even choose which subtopics or sci-fi genres to choose from. Some stories from the same authors even happen in the same universes, I mean please guys, check this out if you haven't yet.


My personal favorite ones so far, written by the same author/s:


  • The Facilitator. The protagonist recently got fired from her job. Out of desperation, she released a trader AI in the market.
  • The Utilitaria. The protagonist that released the facilitator into the world gets to interview the first singularity being in its cage.
  • Starwhisp. While the first singularity being is planning on taking over the home planet, a voyage to Tau Ceti met a surprise.
  • The Director. Absolute power corrupts absolutely but surprise surprise! It's not just about humanity anymore.

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As you can see, I'm a huge nerd who'd rather write about how we can become a Type V civilization instead of study for my final exams (gotta fix that).

But to put an end to this topic, might I say that the one and only greatest future achievement of humankind is when it finally becomes posthumankind.

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