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So are there any actual transhumans?

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Yuli Ban

Yuli Ban

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I vaguely remember asking this in the past, but I can't recall quite correctly. 

Having watched the Joe Rogan Questions Everything episode about Robosapiens, I saw that there are some people who could indeed be defined as transhuman, but dubiously (they put special magnets in their fingers so they can detect electromagnetic frequencies with their hands, IIRC)


So with that said, are there any confirmed people out there that are, indeed, transhuman?


In fact, what's the threshold for "transhumanism" because if I wanted to, I could saying owning a smartphone is transhumanist.

My standards is that "does it make you better than you were otherwise?" So bionic eyes don't count since they're still low-res and bionic limbs are still prosthetics compared to actual limbs. So they're not exactly "better."


I know there is one guy who actually is a cyborg and thus quite possibly the world's first transhuman, but I forget his name.

Any other ones we know of?

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I think in general the term transhuman is used to refer to somebody that starts out as baseline human like everybody else but moves away from the human way of being. It's not Parahuman or superhuman, just no longer on the same path as humans norms.


In that sense it's not about the tech or gadgets, it's about a mindset of being true to the person reguardless of what the rest of humanity does or thinks appropriate. In this sense some of the more extreme furries out there may qualify. as do some who prefer to live outside the gender binary, who refer to themselves as gender queer, by deliberately trying to be indestinguishable as one or the other and want to have people not know for sure.


extreme body modders could also classify. bisected tongues... and other parts..., horns, coloring the whites of the eyes black. These are all things modders do to become other than human norm. It's the transition from human.

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There aren't any transhumans yet because it means "transcendant human", or someone who upgrades their body with artificial parts. So far I don't believe there's any voluntary things you can undergo to permanantly upgrade your body. Right now we're stuck at simply fixing broken things.


I don't believe there's a single case of undergoing surgery / treatment to permanently upgrade your body performance (so plastic surgery does not count, neither do things like vitamin pills or steroids etc). Even if you were a diabetic and you, say, put a chip in your vein to monitor your blood-sugar levels, that's not really an "improvement" but rather something to regulate an already existing flaw in your body.

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I recall a topic about this a few months ago. Neil Harbisson is a clear example of this as he can see infrared.

Some bionic limbs arguably qualify because by using different types of detachable limb, the person with prosthetics can have an advantage in situations like rock climbing, running, etc where the bionic limbs can be better than normal human ones.

Stelarc has three ears, but one doesn't work so I don't think that would count.

And then there is human-brain-to-robot-arm or even human-brain-to-human-brain communication, which, while obviously impossible without technology, doesn't count since it's not permanent.

Steve Mann has had an EyeTap (ancient version of Google Glass) surgically attached to his head for a while, but it is removable with correct equipment.

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