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Final Invention Decisions

Invention Future Innovation

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I have read the comments to the other article and have narrowed it down to these inventions. 1. Molecular Manufactured Consumer Electronics (Phones, Tablets, Laptops) - Molecular nanotechnology components with claytronics, phased array optics 3D holograms, over 100's of hours of battery life, Augmented and virtual reality, sensor networks, ubiquitous computing and internet of things, cognitive computing, translators, Strong a.i., biometrics and more. 2. Nanofabricator and Bioprinters - Capable of making molecular nanotechnology products; able to print human body parts 3. Full Immersion Virtual Reality - Holodeck/Matrix style environments 4. Life Extension and Other Wishes - Age reversal products, growing taller, drug for obesity etc. 5. Alternative Clean Energy - Free and renewable energy source 6. Interstellar Ships - Capable of traveling to the nearest star systems in weeks 7. Nano bots - Medical reasons, appearance reasons 8. Wearable computing - contact lens and BCI 9. Picotechnology - Making new forms of atoms 10. New Nanotechnology Concept - New invention I am working on Choose 2 or 3 and I will begin to do my homework and make them a reality. :-)

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