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when will there be robots

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i think we will have robots in the year 3000



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Try 2050. :)

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We've had robots for... nearly a century?

Wait, what's your standards for robots? Do you mean personal robots at home? Had those for decades.

Personal robots that could do all your housework? That would require either artificial muscles or ultra-advanced limbs, both of which are currently under development. You'd also need a highly advanced ability to learn and use a variable method to deal with unexpected issues. Again, already working on that.

2050 is prolly when it'll be matured, yeah.

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^Agreed. 3000 is ridiculous. Highly advanced androids will probably be all over the place by the mid 22nd century.




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I think we will see artificial life forms of the complexity of Blade Runner before the 24th century. Robots are a reality now. This question is like asking in the 1890s when there will be automobiles. I think what may be really being asked is when will robots be smart enough to be truly autonomous. At this point robots can only do a very limited set of tasks and needed specific direction. I think a look at the current state of autonomous vehicles will show that this is changing fast. Money is the only thing between us and a car that could be provided with basic goals and would not only be able to navigate but decide of a route, schedule and even be able to refuel itself.

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